Religion, culture and nursing - page 6

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Last night I was reading a thread about a Jehovah's Witness nurse. I found it fascinating! I read every single post. It got me thinking... what religions hinder full holistic nursing care? JW's have a thing against blood and... Read More

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    "Also, what religion are you?"

    Secular Humanist, in other words: none.

    "Are there certain procedures or practices in nursing and/or medicine that offend you or restrict the care you provide?"


    "Would you ever share your faith with your patients?"

    Not in my current acute care setting. I did when I worked home health as an aide and a client wanted to talk about how secularists view things like evolution and the historicity of Jesus and the bible.

    "Have you cared for patients of a religion that has restrictions?"

    Sure, all the time. Dietary restrictions for example.

    "What about other cultures?"