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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Suzie. I am a registered nurse in Pensacola, Florida. Nursing has been my heart and passion more and sometimes less since the mid 1990's. I have worked in the acute care hospital setting since then. I have a wandering spirit, so I have experience in most areas of adult care.

    I expected Jesus Christ as my Savior as a young adult, years before becoming a nurse. Initially, I did not feel "called" into nursing, but soon began to realize my potential to serve as Christ's ambassador to the sick and dying. Although, I have to be honest and say that my feelings regarding my nursing career have not always been "blissful." I have been, like many other nursing colleagues, tapped dry by the realities of our profession. THANKFULLY, I allowed the Lord to refresh my spirit and regained a renewed perspective on our blessed profession and my opportunity to serve.

    In 2006, I founded a nursing ministry organization. Since then, I, along with many of my nursing friends, have pursued a variety of activities aimed at encouraging other nurses and serving local and global communities.

    I am currently in school pursuing a graduate degree in nursing education at Walden University online. I am enjoying this experience very much as it expanding my knowledge and perspective regarding patient care and nursing professional issues.

    I live in Pensacola, Florida with my husband, Michael. We have four grown children and a precious granddaughter.
    I am looking forward to connecting with nurses of the Christian faith from around the world.


    P.S. I also updated my profile and social media info if you are interested.
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    Hello and welcome to the Nursing and Spirituality forum!!

    Share with us how you use your knowledge to address the spirtual needs of patients and co-workers.
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    I do not believe in god but I always do my best to take care of people the way I would want to be treated. I think that it is far more important to be competent and nurturing then sharing the same religious faith.
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    Thank you for the welcome
    I have used my faith and knowledge to help meet the spiritual needs of my coworkers and patients by leading my fellow staff in prayers during stand up our meetings, praying for my patients silently or with them as appropriate, and hosting Bible studies with my Christian nursing friends. Above all, I try to begin each day in thought and prayer for God to direct me in the care of my patients, their families and my coworkers. I pray for Christ's truth and goodness to be reflected through me.
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    Quote from prep8611
    I do not believe in god but I always do my best to take care of people the way I would want to be treated. I think that it is far more important to be competent and nurturing then sharing the same religious faith.
    Hi! Just an FYI - this is the "Nursing and Spirituality" forum so you'll most likely read about nursing and spirituality together. If you aren't interested, there are so many other forums and threads here.

    Your goal of taking care of patients the way you would want to be treated is admirable and yes, a competent nurse is a good thing.
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    Welcome Suzie

    I am a Christian and a nurse. My faith permeates my entire life. I don't proselytize but will silently pray or pray with someone if they request it.

    I am a member of a mission group that goes to Vietnam for 2 1/2 weeks every summer and have gone twice.

    I'm also a Faith Community Nurse although I am not working as one right now.

    Hospice and School District Nurse are my jobs for now.
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    I would love to hear more about your ministry organization.
    I am a Christian and I feel nursing is a calling for me. I am currently pursuing my MSN through Liberty University and I am really enjoying the Christian component of the program.
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    Hi Suzie! My name is Kimberly & I am a Christian. I am a LPN, and currently finishing up a LPN-BSN program. My prayer is that I will be finished in June
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    Hi Suzie. I'm a Christian nurse. Being a nurse is a ministry for me. I also pray for my patients and coworkers silently and openly when requested. Since God is our creator and healer who better to go to when I uplift my patients up in prayer. I believe in Gods miracles but also his ability to comfort patients and family when their is a poor prognosis.
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    Hi, Suzie! I am a hospice nurse in Northern Calif. I love my job and I love serving my Lord and Savior as a nurse. What a privilege and honor! I pray you are experiencing equal joy in your career and life. These are extraordinary times, but His grace is abundant. Blessings, Kathy
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