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I'm struggling with this to an extent. I go to a deeply religious school and yes, I hate it. At times I feel as though it's a major requirement to be religious in order to function as a nurse and I didn't always feel this way but... Read More

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    [QUOTE=Soliloquy;7045430]I'm struggling with this to an extent. I go to a deeply religious school and yes, I hate it. At times I feel as though it's a major requirement to be religious to put my desires on the back burner if I don't have to.

    You do not need to be religious nor spiritual to be a nurse but you must understand and respect your patient's right to be.
    It sounds as if you need to transfer out of a nursing school that is religion based/sponsered and find a secular school to go to.

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    Hopefully your faith will inform and enrich your nursing practice.
    Nurses do not proselytize.
    Most employers will fire you if they believe you are engaged in that type of religious activity.
    Dying atheists have a right to die without God.
    Dying Buddhists don't need to hear about Jesus from their nurse.
    Dying Muslims may want you to read their Quran to them.
    etc, etc, etc
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    Quote from ColleenRN2B
    Well, if this hasn't already been addressed by others, what does "certainly not Catholic" mean?!
    It wasn't meant to offend. Just sharing what I know to be true of myself.
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    Quote from classicdame
    being spiritual and being religious are different. To answer your question, you do not have to be religious, but you will not be effective as a nurse if you do not respect the spiritual side of others. Can you change schools so you can concentrate on nursing, not religion?
    I only have one semester left so to change schools would mean they'd want me to go back to their Patho/Pharm and redo stuff. At this point, I'm looking forward and trying to ensure I make more knowledgeable, evidenced-based decisions.
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    You don't need to be religious to be a great nurse, not at all! I grew up in a very religious family but I have left that behind since going to nursing school. I have dealt w/ lots of life & death issues as a nurse & not being religious hasn't hindered me a bit. I always support my patients in their own spiritual/religious beliefs as long as it is helping them, & I do not feel like my own beliefs (or perhaps lack of beliefs) has ever hindered me from providing the best possible care. Groupthink isn't good for nurses b/c we need to think critically & independently. Believe me, you will be questioning orders all the time. As you stated, everyone deserves respect but this does not meaning kissing a$$ unnecessarily. Just be kind & appropriate to everyone, doctors, patients, families, etc, & you will do just fine!
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    I agree that if you are an atheist/agnostic it is probably best to be somewhat ambiguous about your beliefs w/ your coworkers & patients alike. That is what I do & it has always worked out very well for me. And although I do inpatient telemetry, I have taken care of quite a few hospice/palliative care patients & they are actually my favorite patients. My own lack of religion has NEVER been an issue; I have always bonded very well w/ these patients even though I usually don't share their religious beliefs.
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    Quote from tewdles
    Being sensitive to the spiritual needs of the patient...yes required.
    Having a spiritual or religious faith, not required.
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    I donít think so, but of course you have to learn to respect the spiritual beliefs of other people around you; particularly by the patients you handle! Being a good nurse is not equal to being spiritual!
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    No I do not. Nursing is a profession and an emerging science and should be treated as such. Not soaked in superstitions and rituals. We arenít nuns anymore.

    However! That being said- it is imperative that we recognize, respect, and support our pts spiritual beliefs. This includes providing for them. I do not pray with patients but I am happy to hear their stories and refer them to chaplain.
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    Actually practicing bible principles can help you to be humble to all people. In other words, do not think you are above others or you are above taking on certain assignments. If you see a CNA needs help, offer your assistance etc. In addition to being religious, you must have the desire and compassion to be a nurse, and having those two important qualities will help you to differentiate whether you consider nursing as just a job or a career. If it is just a job, you are only working for a paycheck with no interest of improvement. But, if it's a career, you would want to make things better, not only for you but for the patients on a long-term basis. Also, loving what you do, will help you to overcome certain issues or challenges that might arise. I know as a former staff nurse, you have to work with different types of personalities that can instill fear, lack of confidence, accusations of being antisocial, and even having an attitude that is unknown to you. But those two attributes called "desire and compassion" that guide you in becoming an RN will make you triumphant, while others might quit. So, you have humility based on your statement that, "everyone is special and not just a chosen few." You have that special quality called humility to be a great nurse, and that's what will separate you from the rest. Matt 18:4- Jesus says, "we have to humble ourselves as children." So go out there and make the profession stand out by your fine examples
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