Death: The Reason I Became a Nurse - page 2

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Death is the reason why I decided to become a nurse. I know, itís a rather strange thing to say and I probably donít mean it in the way that most would. I donít see myself as a caped avenger, fighting death. In fact, in many... Read More

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    I work in the E.D. death comes all to frequently. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to be with someone when they die. It help to keep us humble too I think. There have been many time the pt has died alone except for staff. I try to give the same loving care and respect in death. We also try ti make an effort in small comforting gestures before the family sees them maybe a warm blanket on a cold body, move the directional lighting away from the massive head wound on the right, don't let the family walk into a room covered in blood and trash... There are many things that we do in nursing that no one ever knows about but you.