Working RN at CNA wages

  1. So I obtained a CNA job in a LTC facility during nursing school for the experience and for a little extra cash. After graduation, they kept me on but as a CNA until I passed my boards, that means no increase in wages as a new grad.

    I worked as a CNA confident that soon I would pass my boards and be a RN and earn the proper wages and be able to work the proper job. I got to take my boards quickly and passed with no problem. The pay period ended and I only had a couple days as an aide so I understood that payroll was unable to get the paperwork processed prior to checks being cut. Well, the next schedule came out and I was assigned 7 out of 10 days as an aide since we were short staffed. The next schedule came out and I was assigned as a RN, finally.

    I offered to work extra shifts (and did) and did everything I could to be a team player. The next pay check came out and guess what... yup, aide wages. I didn't accept it and sat in the office but no one from corporate could or would explain why I am not receiving the agreed upon wages. They finally said that it would be reflected on my next check.

    I don't know what to do. I can't seem to secure an interview at any other place. I can't work for these wages as a RN. Should I file a complaint with the Bureau of Labor? Should I quit? I hate to quit because it is much easier to find a job if you have a job. But I really need to make more than this wage. And in case you are wondering... aides make 8.50 and RNs make 21.50. I know it isn't all about the money, but I am not a volunteer, I am supposed to be an employee. And I worked dang hard for that RN behind my name. And now the student loans are going to come due. It really stinks!!!!!
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  3. by   Candyn
    I am confused. Did you get your next paycheck? Was it reflected as they told you?
  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    they should have it reflect on your next paycheck and pay you the difference within a reasonable amount of time (as in, they nee to pay the difference for the time you have been an RN and they paid you as an aid). At my job, if they short you wages because of their screw up they have to make it right within 24hrs of a business day.
  5. by   thegeekyrn
    I have received two checks, both wrong. The first was only a few days at the wrong wages. The second was for 80 hr. They have stated that they will not cut a check and will make it right on the next check. Just like they said with the first one....
  6. by   merlee
    Call your local labor board for direction. Also, check your employee handbook for what they say is the solution to this issue.

    Ask for seperate checks that reflect each payperiod or your tax burden on one very large check will be huge.

    If not resolved this time, say nothing and contact a lawyer.

    Best wishes.
  7. by   amoLucia
    I'm going to take the side of management and give them the benefit of the doubt. (For a short while!) Your payroll classification is now different. The data/paperwork may not have gone thru yet. (You did give them all the RN proof/paperwork that they needed, yes? You do have a license with a number from your BON, yes?) And I am assuming you have a written
    offer of your RN position or something.

    If everything is correct, then they owe you. (Or else there's a BIG problem!!!) Keep a copy of your RN schedule as your verification. Don't do anything rash in these tough times. I don't know who you talked with, but I'd make sure Payroll and Human Resources know my face because I'd be checking in (IN PERSON) with them every day
  8. by   mdgale
    I may have missed this in your original post but did your facility give you an offer letter for an RN position? Meaning, just because you have the licensure, doesn't mean they are obligated to increase your pay. Now I'm not saying this isn't poor practice and a crappy place to work. What I'm saying is, if you didn't get it in writing that you were due a wage increase, they are NOT obligated to pay you more. :-(
  9. by   PrincessRN101
    this has happened to me at an LTC, they did not want to pay me for shifts worked. I had to fight real hard to get my pay, i dont see why employers like to stiff nurses. never mind i had an agency job pay me late.
  10. by   Parkerone
    Hello GRN what is the status? Just a friendly inquiry.
  11. by   ArrowRN
    its been a month and I take it that this issue has been resolved. If not what you need to do is contact the Department of Labor, wages division and get the number for your local district office and describe the situation to them. Next, write a letter to your HR letting them know that you have intentions of getting the Department of Labor to investigate the matter. What they are doing is illegal, they probably did this to many other CNA's and it won't stop unless someone takes a stand. I don't care about one who said, try not to "ruffle feathers" in this economy. A deal is a deal period.