Scared of dealing with violent patients - page 2

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Hello everyone, I've entered nursing school with a passion for caring for others after taking care of my dad who passed away from cancer. I've done a lot of the "dirty" work involved in nursing. I can deal with vomit, urine,... Read More

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    I too worried a little bit about this at first. In nursing schoool and now 13 months working in downtown Detroit, it has yet to happen.
    Also when I was sitting for almost two years, with some reallyyyy wacky pt's, it didn't happen beyond maybe some minor scratches or something from an old lady or two. I think the more you are calm, not scarred, don't take things personally, the more a situation won't escalate.
    That being said you do have to keep your wits about you, bc I have heard some crazy stories. And it might help I'm a very tall, if not skinny, young male.
    The good news is that it is rare, unless maybe if you work in the ER
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    Also nothing wrong with medication, that is ordered for this reason.