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I posted this article in another section and decided that it applies here as well. I'm with you on your decision. Medicine these days is questionable in it's execution of patient care and patient... Read More

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    Would seem like a safe thought, SLC. However, I live in a more insideously fundamental area of the church. From SLC, go north about 200+ plus miles. It's hen central here, with everyone talking about everyone. Got a call from an RN a couple weeks ago, she wanted to know if I knew the "deal" on a nurse that worked with us in this same unit. He was set up by two CNAs and a charge nurse that played along with it. He was fired. These two CNAs were overheard talking about "I don't like this guy, i'm going to get him fired." I was standing there charting. When the situation started to generated, I approached the sup and attempted to debunk their attack on the nurse. He was gone 3 days later. Anyway.... this other RN calls me and asks if I knew anything about why that male nurse was terminated, cause he was going to work where she was at now. I not only refused to answer her questinos, I reamed her out pretty good for perpetuating the back stabbing network so strong in this area.

    I despise unions, with a loathing passion. They are one of the root problems we have here, neck and neck with lawyers. SLC is a much friendlier working environment and due to it's size, more diverse in their operations and mentality.

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    I agree with you. The abuse and mismanagement of nurses by supervisors, managers, HR sections only make the situation dangerous for patients. Had someone else here tell me that Patient Advocacy is real, I agree, it is and it's needed for the very reasons discussed here. BUT, unless you want to fall into some incompetent managers sights, you have to temper your advocacy with some self protection. Can't have some manager appear weak or incompetent, or they can't continue to hire weak or incompetent people.

    No surprise to see your file manipulated. Where this happened at, the night shift charge nurses were all great, with the exception of the narc thief I worked for a few times. Seemed like she was on and off her psych meds a little to randomly.

    I've considered provided a nursing / patient advising service that makes suggestions to future patients on their hospital selection based on nursing staff and supervisors, NOT on the docs. I think it'd be very successful. Of course, you'd have to break the knees of their lawyers because they'll try to threaten you out of existance. Very common thing with lawyers.
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    Quote from kcmylorn
    GhostWind- have you tried complaining to the EEOC? if I am not mistaken, they also deal with retaliation complaints. it seems you were retaliated against by questioning patient care safety. Have you tried using your vet benefits for legal representation -- an employment lawyer- wrongful dicharge/termination?

    I feel as you do with regard to civilian nursing. I was a civilan nurse working in an MTF and loved it because this crap did not go on with the military nursing personel. Civilian nursing could learn a boatload from the managment and leadership from military nursing!! Civilian Nursing management and leadership just can't seem to get the concept- you lead by example!!

    I would love to have had your experience. I attended a Lunch and learn in the MTF I worked at given by our CNO on the USAF Med evac process- It was the most awesome lecture complete with USAF pictures, I have ever had the pleasure of attending

    Good luck and Thank you for your service.
    Hi, when all this started, the first thing I did was talk to several lawyers. Three of them in this area said they'd never go against that hospital. Too connected. While I was there, Mitt himself graced them with his presence, nearly 3 years ago. Two lawyers said I should contact the Human Rights Commission, it wasn't an EEOC issue. I did file a complaint with HRC, and after 1 1/2 years, they said my claims were accurate and substantiated, exactly as I said. They then said I wasn't in a protected class (I wrote this before), being a while male, i'm in a very unprotected class. In fact we're targets. I then talked with a well known lawyer in this area working against hospitals. They best he said he could do is approach the hospital and suggest changing my status from terminated to resigned. Yep, the guy goes to the same ward several of the docs there go to.

    Military medicine rocks. Right now i'm going through USAJOBS and several MTFs and medical centers around the country are recruiting nurses with prior military service. Nice to hear from you. We see things the same way.
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    Without getting into heavy detail. I was given a form that said I had violated Section XXX and paragraph XX.xx of the employee manual, that states no employee may create a working environement that speaks bad of the hospital or other employees. There were no performance issues, because my performance was excellent. I put in so many hours that the compliance officer had to ask me to go home. Did 36 hours one time and was managing 4 patients in the overflow ICU area. I loved it, the harder I go, the better I love it. The month before, I was given an anonymously nominated award for patient services. Had a lady in the unit that had been there for about 2 weeks. She was a horse lover and I brought two of my appaloosas into the parking lot on a saturday so she could see them from her window. Her doc said that her spirit so improved she was able to go home three days later. I'm not bragging, i'm just saying this to reinforce that so many in charge, have no reason for being there except to feed their egos.
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