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What do you feel about nurses crossing the line? How do you feel about nurses having sexual/personal relationships with patients? Is it right or wrong? What are some warning signs that a relationship is crossing the line? How can... Read More

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    Quote from rnjillmda
    hi everyone. i have a question. i have been a nurse for 2 years at an icu... i was a student nurse and worker there. i took care of a pt post neurosurgery for about 3 weeks constantly. i see him as a kid he is 19. i made a professional mistake by sharing personal info with him including my phone number and my fb. now he calls more than once a day and txts every day... i feel like my boundaries were crossed. my husband says ignore it but i want to tell the teen that i feel uncomfortable... what should i do? he is a 19 year old with recent neurological surgery and tumors.... of course this is my fault, being the professional, but now im at a loss... any suggestions?

    yep. block him on fb, change your phone number or screen his calls and do not answer them, erase any voice mails he leaves unheard, and do not, under any circumstances, initiate or respond to any further contact. do it now. nineteen and brain-damaged is too vulnerable and could attract unwanted attention.

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    At my job, a manager suspected that a young LNA was having an inappropriate relationship with her client, who was about the same age. She was questioned about it twice, and denied it twice. The LNA was told that if there was a romantic relationship, and they found out from anyone other than her, she would be fired.

    A few months later, the client called the agency and said they'd been having a sexual relationship for 6 months. The LNA had to be fired and reported to the Board of Nursing and Adult Protective Services.

    If she'd admitted their relationship before that, she would've been taken off the case, and they could've ridden off into the sunset together.
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    Things happen. There are plenty of stories of happy married couples that met this way, however carrying on at work is always a no no. and you had better be able to keep your mouth shut if you want to keep your job.

    I wouldn't do it even if I were single and interested, my work is too important.

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