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  1. RnJillMda

    Who got a AGACNP/ACNP after FNP?

    Who got a postmaster's AGACNP after working as an FNP and why? what kind of job are you doing now? Did you stay in the same practice and got it to be more qualified? Did you move jobs from FNP to ACNP, and if you did, do you regret it or love it? Do you feel more knowledgeable after getting both? Is it worth doing it if you planned to stay in the same position because you felt better at your job than you did as an FNP? Wondering because I am an FNP in an internal med clinic, no plans to change jobs, but do want to seek better jobs in the future once my provider decides to retire or sell off her business, or just get better/smarter, if she decides to give me more responsibility for her clinic. We see very old patients. FNP covers all ages, but with gerontological patients, maybe a small part of it focused on that population. I have very little experience with procedures, nd I want to get experience doing them too. Does it help to get a post masters degree?
  2. RnJillMda

    Ask for a Raise and get another degree?

    I am glad that everyone agrees that its a little crazy.... We get over one hour waits most times. It gets really difficult and I try my best. I haven't had that conversation yet- I think what throws her off is that sometimes we do get everyone seen in under an hour- but those pts have to be super simple. Like very good lab work and no complaints...
  3. RnJillMda

    Ask for a Raise and get another degree?

    I am sorry you feel that way. Not sure how you found this post though since its mainly for Nurses, and you prefer PAs. Though, all the comments does motivate to continue to work harder at what I do.
  4. RnJillMda

    Ask for a Raise and get another degree?

    Thanks for your honesty! Yeah- thats why I am trying to figure out a way to get better. Whether from more CEs or just shadowing another provider or going back to school. Most of the time the handholding usually occurs with her patients who don't want to see me (obviously get tons of those) or who are very deconditioned. My doc holds my hand for these patients because she has the experience to work them up without sending them to the ER. Anyways, thanks. I really have to keep in mind how much I am doing, but I guess I am very uncomfortable with the question. Do you really finish all your work at the office? Including the charting? Do you get in early or stay later to do it? Im trying to figure out a way to do this... esp the calls involved with returning lab results. Do you call in ptsafter one week if they have no lab work for their follow up? Its driving me crazy that the pts do this and Im stuck with making phone calls....
  5. RnJillMda

    Ask for a Raise and get another degree?

    At first I thought it was weird that I was "hi-jacking" those appointments. But then, I realized that the other NPs in my area, they were doing the same. I am not really sure exactly now this idea came about. But I also know that some NPs have their own schedule too. Thanks for letting me know. Even if I was underpaid,I don't really FEEL it, but Im more worried that asking for a raise will ruin the good relationship I have. Though I will definitely keep the overbooking in mind as a reason for wait times.
  6. I have been an FNP for 2 years part time. I LOVE my job. Its super flexible, and I have 3 small children, 4,3, and 5 months. I work outpatient internal medicine. I see about 11-14 pts who are scheduled between 830-1130. I "hi-jack" apppointments as I like to describe it. Pts think they are seeing my doc, then I walk in. She only mainly does Physicals, and I do mainly sick visits and followups. I am paid hourly-50$. I clock in and out. I want to ask for a raise but I don't know if it will ruin the relationship I have with my doc. I do about 1-2hrs of work off the clock. Charting, etc. I like to go home/gym- leave the office and work. I have no PTO but I can go on vacay whenever. My doc also actually reviews most of the labwork, and sends to me a few a week. Even though I see a ton if her pts. (She sees maybe 5-8 physicals per morning) that is alot, I know. My husband gets mad that i work at home sometimes for free, so he has been bugging me about this. Has anyone asked for a raise for a job they loved and wanted to keep? How has it affected their relationships? I really love it, but in about 5-7 years, I want to move to a large hospital for larger benefits, and pay, but not right now. My next problem is that I don't think I am smart enough. I ask TONS of questions and I "bother" my doc alot. She has never said that- but I FEEL it. Not to mention, our pts full wait time in the office is sometimes an hour even more. They hate it and so does my doc. I think alot because sometimes I don't know all the answers. I worry ALOT. Example- saw a cat bite, severe pain, put her on Keflex over the phone then switched to Augmentin bc that is the recommended- i saw her about 2 days after she called bc she had no transportation. I also ordered an X ray bc I was SUPER worried about more sever cellulitis I couldn't see. I spent a long time pondering and went with the X ray- SUPER GLAD THIS IS ANONYMOUS. I couldnt bother my doc for something so "simple". I was worried for my patient and that I might miss an osteo! Thus is mainly an adult gerontological practice- there are no kids. I don't know if I should pursue an AGNP or an AGACNP now or wait till I plan to move jobs. I don't know if I just keep doing CEs and CEs if that is enough. What do you do? Sometimes I over worry because she is a BIT of a micromanager and questions my diagnoses. She also sometimes sees the pts I "cant" handle- which I hate and she does come up with different diagnoses. She has 28yrs exp as an internal med doc and was also once a medical director. I REALLY respect her, but I don't know how to become better and which path to follow.... go to school, CEs only?? What to do...
  7. RnJillMda

    Inappropriate relationship with pt?

    Hi everyone. I have a question. I have been a nurse for 2 years at an icu... I was a student nurse and worker there. I took care of a pt post neurosurgery for about 3 weeks constantly. I see him as a kid he is 19. I made a professional mistake by sharing personal info with him including my phone number and my fb. Now he calls more than once a day and txts every day... I feel like my boundaries were crossed. My husband says ignore it but i want to tell the teen that i feel uncomfortable... What should i do? He is a 19 year old with recent neurological surgery and tumors.... Of course this is my fault, being the professional, but now im at a loss... Any suggestions?