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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    Take this for example. When I used to work on the floor, we would have a frequent flier, known for her drug seeking behavior...she would get her 2100 meds, which would include things like Seroquel, Xanax and 2mg Dilaudid tabs...but would also have IV prn anxiolytics and opioids. She would ask for everything (including her prns) all at once...as she kept dozing off mid-sentence with her SaO2 dropping. The nurse taking care of the patient refused and told her that she would have to wait, because you know, the nurse was afraid this patient would stop breathing. Patient complained to management, management spoke to that nurse and basically told her that the next time a patient asks for all of those meds, you give them, even if they are falling asleep mid-sentence. You gotta keep them happy.

    Medicare needs to get their priorities straight.
    MEDICARE has nothing to do with management's improper view of nursing care. THAT is totally on them. Also was 'management' the charge nurse, the DON, or the administrator? I can't see an administrator wanting an overdose death in the newspapers just to keep a patient happy.
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    I don't see how this is a bad thing.

    "Hard skills" are important, but pretty much anyone can stick an IV, care for an ostomy, administer tube feelings, etc. after some training.

    You can't train a person to ask for help even if people get annoyed, to be professional and competent, even on the worst days, and to be friendly and teach, even though the person should know this already.
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    I absolutely LOVE this.... I've always said, there are just certain things that cannot be taught ... this totally applies to nursing
    love it!!!