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I am "Facebook friends" with a large number of my nursing peers. I am often quite surprised at the behavior I see exhibited by them in so public a place. I see: 1. Lots and lots of foul language/inappropriate pics, etc. 2.... Read More

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    Also, most hospitals have a social media policy and if you are inappropriate and you have you work at a certain place they can fire you as you are a representative of that institution. That's why I don't list where I work, but I don't post stuff like that either. And unless you don't friend people you work with, your page is not totally private, things can show up on others pages and they can still share things from your page.
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    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    . . . But, what do you think? Do nurses have a responsibility to maintain a professional demeanor on their (supposedly) private social media sites? . . .
    I maintain my professional demeanor on Face Book by not having an account :-|
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    I rarely, rarely, rarely even check my FB and just about never ever post.
    I keep it for contacts and to monitor my two teenagers.
    It is very private, but I am considering getting rid of work associates, d/t a few who complain about work and coworkers.
    It seems a few are oblivious to the fact that their posts aren't as invisible as they think... like the two co-workers who took a rather rude jab at me when I failed nursing school...yoo hoo! I can seeeeeeeeeee you, lol!

    Not only do I try to protect myself from work, but I also try to protect myself from my psych patients!
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    Many people I know have two facebooks: One is professional, clean-cut and spotless, practically looking like a resume. Then they have one that is under a pseudonym that their friends all know, and contains all the crude, hilarious and often embarrassing photos/posts that make it a tabloid-worthy read. What can I say? It's a changing world out there.
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    I've always said some people need diaries. Not everything is meant to be shared with the world, or everyone that you've known since 8th grade. My cousin profiled her divorce on Facebook even "checking in" to family court for her child support hearing. That is too much and very trashy.
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    Also, has anyone noticed that there are more folks here at AN using their actual picture as their avatar?
    I see this mostly with the younger nurses/students/CNAs, etc. and I think it's dangerous!
    I sure wouldn't complain about school politics and horrible instructors with my picture tied to my post!
    I think it may be a degree of blurred boundaries, insensitivity to exposure and a dash of vanity.
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    I have to say I feel very different about this topic than most responses here. I have always believed, nursing school included, that what you do in your own private life, so long as you don't show up to work under the influence, is absolutely uncategorically your own and no one else's business. Provided you aren't using social media to "friend" patients or their family members, or posting privleged/confidential client/employer data on social media, than what you do with it should be entirely up to you. If someone wants to think they can judge how professional an employee is based on what he or she does in his or private time, I think that says more about the person snooping and judging than it does about the investigated nurse.

    I find nurses to be a very self-righteous group of professionals. We are nasty and judge each other far more than physicians do same.
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    Quote from giveface
    I have to say I feel very different about this topic than most responses here. I have always believed, nursing school included, that what you do in your own private life, so long as you don't show up to work under the influence, is absolutely uncategorically your own and no one else's business.
    Ideally, that would be true, but unfortunately, that is not the reality.
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    I do have some work friends, and I do list where I work. However, it's rare that I post anything about work. The most I'll post is that I'm off to work, just got out of work, or that it was my last day of the week at work. Never anything more, no matter how exciting/bad/unusual the day was.

    Of course, the settings are set as private as possible for anything. I use lists to control who sees what, so work people aren't let in on every single post. I also watch what others post on my wall by requiring approval of what they post, if they can link me in pictures or posts, etc....and if I feel it's not appropriate for my image it doesn't get approved.

    Even with all of that, I'm still very careful about what I post because the internet is not as anonymous or private as one thinks.

    IMO, a user's FB is their responsibility, and whatever consequences come from their page are more than likely earned. If you choose not to have a FB page to avoid any problems, more power to you. If you choose to have one, more power to you too, but be smart about it.
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    My Facebook page is extremely private to anyone who is not a friend, and if there is something I don't want my work colleagues to see, I just block that post from them (this is what friend lists are for). Besides, I also have a fake profile that I check into when I wanna read and post things that are way off-color. To act professional on Facebook for the sake of an employer defeats the purpose of Facebook. Sure, I follow HIPAA rules to the T, but we did not join a convent when we became nurses ... geez!
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