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  1. giveface

    accused of bullying....

  2. giveface

    How to handle lazy LPN's on the team

    I think for me the frustration comes in where it is well known that a certain nurse (be it either category) is very lazy, the nurse manager is well aware and anything documented just falls on deaf ears.
  3. giveface

    Highest nursing burnout areas?

    I think every practice area has its pros and cons, some more cons than others, obviously. I've done med/surg and psych. I have to say that med/surg workload was just not feasible and it burned me out after not too long. But psych also has its challenges, such as people with very dysfunctional ways of looking at life, the world and other people (including nurses and doctors). PDs can easily give you the worst shift in your life. And let's not even touch on how strange, miserable and awful some psychiatrists can be to work with...
  4. giveface

    How to handle lazy LPN's on the team

    I am the charge nurse responsible for a busy unit with a team model and I encounter this on almost a daily basis, as do many of the other RNs in charge. It really disgusts me how SOME of the LPN staff members can be so lazy and be grudge me because I have a pile of paper work and things to coordinate or otherwise over see in the nurses station, while still finding time to help many patients on the floor. These LPNs can't appreciate the level of stress and responsibility that goes onto the charge nurse, particularly after hours when we are the go to person for policy questions and issues. I would love for one day see these staff members just try and run the unit; they would crash and burn and panic in any emergency where they had to make decisions.
  5. I've worked with both female and male borderline PDs. Some of the females have been abused, but same are highly intelligent and in my opinion strongly embrace "the sick role" and don't seem to be willing to function outside hospital even though in my professional assessment they are quite capable of doing same. They spend the bulk of their inpatient time monitoring/being critical of the nursing staff and dictating the terms of their psychotropic scripts to their psychiatrists. From a nursing or patient management perspective a bordeline pd patient can definitely give you a shift you won't soon forget.
  6. giveface

    Well just the other day I posted careeer suicide......

    That's crazy/funny, "Have you paid all your state taxes?" What on Earth does that have to do with one's eligibility to be a licensed nurse (provided there are no related criminal charges steming from same)? I am in Canada and that is pretty much the last thing our Colleges (equivilent to BON) would think about.
  7. That is so true. Obese patients get most upset over dietary restrictions as inpatients, not medical or nursing care. Of course, obese patients still deserve excellent care. I had to deal with insulin gtts once, OMG! so complicated. It was for a alcoholism, DM, and obese female case. She almost died that time from DkA, was on the sliding scale insulin gtts for like 5 or 6 days, just to be discharged home and die at home from the same cause like 9 months later, and she was in her 50s, and we all worked like dogs to save this women, too bad. My father has an expression, "You can't help everthing that lives."
  8. Honey, if the shoe fits, wear it. Lol. And, it is a statistical fact that I think 75% of borderline PD diagnoses are in fact female, possibly higher.
  9. Hearing a clang at 6AM to walk down and investigate only to find a 70-year-old psychogeriatric woman squating and forcfully urinating into a large stainless steel wash basin, filling it to the brim while white knuckling her walker, and when you ask why she didn't just use the toilet she states, "I haven't a clue."
  10. Ditto. I lasted 8 months at my first job and just couldn't tough it out any longer: too unsafe and too disrespected!
  11. giveface

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    I for one am totally sick of the in-fighting. I am a male and have been a licensed RN for over a year now and although the working conditions (work load) was intolerable at my first job, my current is intolerable due to the nurses tearing each other apart or reporting others for menial mistakes to the college of nurses. I feel like I can't win and have chosen the wrong profession. I, like most nurses, feel powerless to turn any change. Most managers I see are definitely indifferent to this large scale problem.
  12. giveface

    So Down, Any Career Advice?

    Hi All,Here I am again. I've been a licensed RN, BScN here in Canada for a little over a year. My first job right after graduation was an 8 month stint in a small medical/surgical unit, dangerously understaffed with no support workers and a large psychogeriatric patient population, with an overwhelming lack of tools in place to deal with frequent wanderers, I was completely and utterly miserable at that job and decided to quit. I enjoyed working with patients, but it was so task focused and frantically rushed, I didn't feel as though I was really practicing nursing.For about 6 months now I've been a psychiatric inpatient RN. Overall, this has been a much better experience and less stressful work environment for me, however it is a team nursing model there, and me managing other nurses as charge nurse is really tedious at best, and a down right legal and professional hazard (not to mention stressful) at worst. So, here I am again. I graduated in the top 10'% of my BScN graduating class, and I have many people willing to give me references for grad school, only problem is, I am totally uncertain on which Master degree to apply for. I do enjoy public health and particularly HIV research and policy development. In Canada, there isn't an HIV nurse practitioner speciality, and these clinic level RN positions are very difficult to get. Besides, I am pretty sure I want to leave direct patient care. If I stayed, HIV specialization would be my only area of interest, as I know a great deal about HIV and it interests me. I am not living with HIV if anyone was wondering.Anybody have any suggestions? I was thinking of M.Sc in Epidemiology or MPH, but again as I understand the labour market in Canada at this time, these choices could leave me with little more than a very big student loan?
  13. giveface

    End of shift blessings

    Enough said! I can't stand this lollipops and rainbows should be spewing out of our mouths mentality that so many nurses seem to have. Ours is a tough profession and it takes a big person to resist the overwhelming urge to correct people's unruly behaviour.
  14. giveface

    What is the point of becoming a nurse?!

    I don't know why so many of the responses here are reeking of the need to give the OP a "reality check". The OP is stating that she/he has fears about entering the nurse labour market, that's okay! You were there once too. Nursing isn't a guaranteed profession like many in the public misguidedly see it to be. Many times there is a need for nurses but hopitals are facing ever shrinking budgets and just aren't employing the needed nurses or offering postings, even though in reality these positions are justifiable and required. That is why our nurse patient ratio is so unreasonable at times; the need is there but the money or motivation to offer a position just isn't. This isn't of course unique to nursing as others have pointed out. Its okay to feel somewhat defeatist at times, to vent, or otherwise call out bad and dysfunctional themes, just don't let them stop you. If you really want to be a nurse, you will be a working nurse.
  15. I disagree and feel that it is being nosy, stirring up trouble and spying. As I stated earlier, unless I am posting privleged info (which I never do), than what photos I choose to put up, or what political or ideological whatevers on my profile are my business. That's just how I see it. Another analogy is peeping toms. Is it the fault of the person being peeped on because she left her curtains open ( of course not!), or the fault of the gross peeping, spying tom. Same principle applies IMO.