I want interactions with patients but not bedside : Suggestions?

  1. Dear Nurse Beth,
    I have been in nursing for 32 years , LPN to ADN now BSN for 8 years . I have worked in various settings . I am a Team lead Case manager for an insurance company. I don’t really feel like I'm nursing . I want interactions with patients but do not want to do bedside nsg. I hate home health and dialysis. Any suggestions on what I could do ? I don't have any special certifications.

    Dear Needs Suggestions,

    Here's a few ideas just to get you going :

    Telephone Triage? How about Palliative Care in the hospital? It's very interactive, but not bedside.

    Or Case Management? Again, you talk to patients and families, coordinate care, but don't actually provide care.

    Nursing clinical instructor? Take nursing students into the clinical setting? It would depend on how long ago your clinical experience was, but first semester should be easy to handle.

    Hospitals are developing new non-clinical positions all the time to adapt to different requirements. Read your local hospitals’ job boards for postings.

    An example is Chart Review Specialist where nurses review charts in real time to ensure that documentation meets reimbursement criteria. You are on the unit and have patient contact, but again, are not providing direct care.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth