I Left Work Sick- Can I be Charged With Patient Abandonment? - page 4

As my shift passed, i felt worse and worse. fever, headache, sore throat, chills, shakes, all typical flu symptoms. I again went to administration and asked about a relief. I was told to finish my... Read More

  1. by   TraumaKittyRN
    With staffing being such an issue I would rather call in, even if it was late then go to work and hope they could find a nurse to cover my patients so I could leave. The reality of the matter is that we are often so short staffed that there is no way to safely cover a sick nurses patients if they need to go home. Short notice is better than nothing and I'm happy to take the demerit points (or written warning) rather than be potentially accused of abandonment. I have worked nights where we really had to let a nurse go due to illness and it resulted in a nurse taking on 3 ICU patients, while the whole unit pulled together it was not safe. The management really did try to find a nurse to take over the assignment but there were none to be had. I would always advise anyone if you are questioning when you get up if you can make it through a shift, just call off, there is no point in being a hero and sometimes it can be worse to try and find a way to let you go if you really are badly off.
  2. by   Koshea61
    Any place I worked the floor nurses working with her would've at least split up her patients. That's horrible