Age Discrimination in Nursing - page 9

Ageism is pervasive in our society. It's not news to anyone that our society values youth and devalues age. It seems that the worst choice you can make is to grow old. Older people are often... Read More

  1. by   u618100
    Recently started new position in endoscopy. Very small department run by a group of women that are close friends. Previous 3 nurses left due to bullying by these women.
    Needless to say after several months there I was told I am not the right fit. I am approximately 13 years older than most of them. I have not missed a day or been late. The bullying has been horrible. Told to giddy up. Critical comments said in condescending manner in front of other colleagues.Now I am in my 50s and an employee for 20 years of this hospital searching for a new day shift position. I am waiting to speak to human resources about my options. I so loved the work in this specialty. I know the bullying affected my confidence. So upset over all of this.