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  1. MountainRN53

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    Great suggestions! My Nurse Supervisor and the Executive Director basically suggested I step down from my Supervisor position and take a pay cut. Due to excessive corporate meetings and my position spreading to different areas, I accepted the demotion but KARMA stepped in and HR made it clear there will be no pay cut. In fact, just recently I received a merit raise. I am 64 and run circles around lazy, overweight staff members. There is times I use the word "old" to describe myself but no more!
  2. MountainRN53

    this is getting old

    Psych nursing is extremely challenging and I commend anyone who can do it. I work with several high functioning dementia patients and even they get on my nerves from time to time. I agree with windsurfer8, those who are saying these things are jealous or ignorant. Sticks and stones...
  3. MountainRN53

    Passing meds-assisted living facility

    I have been in your shoes many times. As an RN, I too have been overwhelmed with those taking a multitude of meds including narcotics and patches. I can't imagine how you feel as a CMA. I oriented and "checked off" a new CMA and quite frankly I'm amazed one can watch a DVD, read a book and take a test, and with passing give meds, take CBG's and give insulin. I guess I'm just old school. Nonetheless, you will never regret getting your RN. Currently at 61, I am working full time at an Adult Day Care Center as their nurse supervisor and I've never been happier. Best of luck to you!
  4. MountainRN53

    Should I find a new job asap?

    I'm a LTC nurse also. I have worked in over 10 different facilities in 4 different states. Some I brag about and others I do not. I resigned from the last place after 2 months of being assigned to an acute unit of 28 patients with the help of ONE CNA! I asked for help and often saw staff in the nurse station on their cell phones telling me they were busy. At times I had 3 IV's running and new admits upset they were not evaluated by therapy. I didn't worry about my license as much as not being able to provide good nursing care. My state does not recognize nurse/patient ratio. Management is the key.
  5. MountainRN53

    Adult Day Care

    I have been considered but not yet hired to be an RN Supervisor for an Adult Day Care Center. Are there any nurses in this position out there? I have already been interviewed twice and toured both centers of which I would be over-seeing. I am now scheduled to meet and work with the retiring RN next week.
  6. MountainRN53

    Really in need of some time management help. :(

    Thank You for sharing all your experiences. I am in the same boat. I have done LTC years ago but I don't recall it ever being as bad as it is today. The multitude of meds, sliding scales, younger behavior patients, those who pick and ask about pills, those who come to your cart and want their pills NOW. The job is not difficult just EXTREMLY time consuming. I know it will get better but this facility recently had a few walk out and I think others aren't real excited to orient or be left with orders.
  7. I feel your pain. I have been an RN for 19 years working LTC and home health in 4 different states! Everything you write is everywhere in LTC. I just started last week at a LTC after relocating to the area. Even with experience I too, made several mistakes and sometimes you DO have to consolidate...everyone does it so don't feel guilty. My preceptor took many short cuts but then said don't do this when STATE is here. I even had trouble with an insulin pen but I can change colostomy bags all day. I keep telling myself that the job is not hard its just time consuming. I layed in bed last night thinking of the patients I can recall, how they take their meds etc. Some other nurses can be very difficult and might be that way because of their life. I was feeling intimated by someone like that once and was told by another nurse she hated her life and her job so thats what I have in my mind when other nurses are tough or mean to me...You can use this mind-set if you like:twocents:
  8. I agree with you 100% JCPRN! I am swamped with my job at a LTC. Have to fly through a med pass and I have those ones that roll up to my cart (from the other hallway) wanting their meds NOW! If a wrench gets thrown in like an admission, a burst colostomy bag or someone wanting a new O2 tank I become majorly behind. I try and do have an upbeat personality but inside I'm about to burst! I love the job and I'm making the highest here I have ever gotten paid as an RN. To those looking for work in home health...I did that for 13 years. Even though you get milage reimbursement, is not enough for tires or watching your beloved car go to places you could never imagine! Had one patient where I had to stop and open a cattle gait, drive thru, and close it...in ALL kinds of weather!
  9. MountainRN53

    How many days of orientation?

    I have been an RN for 19 years in home health and in LTC. I was just hired last week at a LTC facility after relocating to the area. I am what the administration calles the "seasoned nurse" who was just hired. I have had 2 days on the floor working 7-3 , then 3 more next week and I'm on 3-11 and off orientation on Friday. The first day I was on the floor the unit manager who was training me, ran off to celebrate her birthday with staff and family, leaving me with unknown "to me" patients. Then also leaving several times to handle things at the nurses station or take several smoke breaks. The second day she left me on my own for 4 hours and when she found I was drowning I was firmly told I wasted to much time and now I'm basically out of compliance with my med times. She then "rescued" me and huffed when pouring up meds to catch me up. I am looking forward to being a great 3-11 staff nurse here and will never "orient" someone like this. To answer your question tho, 5 days on the floor here. Hope you have a far better experience.
  10. MountainRN53

    I think I committed career suicide

    I agree with nurse mommy! You know in your heart, right away, that somethings not for you. In my first 10 years as an RN I worked at 10 different places and had an RN license in 4 different states until I found where I wanted to be. I actually recently relocated (again) and just started working at an LTC. The administration calls me the "seasoned nurse" that was just hired. Yesterday I was on my med cart for 8 hours without a break, lunch, water and had to sneak away to the toilet x 1...But I'm willing to give it my best because the staff is really supportive. Good Luck!
  11. MountainRN53

    The Power of Being Empathetic Towards Those in Need

    I have been a nurse for almost 19 years in Home health and LTC facilities. I just started at an LTC about a week ago after relocating to the area. I am new to the residents and trying to gain trust while being bombed with a huge med pass. It is so hard to be kind and rush at the same time. I would love to take extra time to listen to my patients stories like you and others who have responded. God Bless everyone. Great story!
  12. MountainRN53

    Prioritizing in LTC, what is normal?

    At the same time, if any of my AAOx3 patients were up and waiting for me at my med cart, I would go ahead and give them their 7am meds. This is a huge issue where I work. Like certain ones know when you are about to "man" your cart. I would go ahead and give them their meds first. Then I would hear the same person yell "Percocet and Ativan" on the other end of my hallway. I would feel bad for those who were unable to yell, use their call light or even complain because most times they were last.
  13. MountainRN53

    How long was you orientation traing when you started in LTC?

    One week (5 days) but I worked with one nurse who really helped me learn the computer documentation. The program wasnt difficult but there were so many things to remember. And God forbid an incident...on 3-11 this threw a wrench in my whole evening. I worked with another nurse who told me to give all the meds and she would stay at the nurses station and do orders and answer phones...I needed to learn those things also. And when I would try and document I didn't know the patients well and I would always stand corrected.
  14. Hello! My resume screams LTC and Home Health. I recently resigned from my 11 yr stint in home health and at the age of 59, I was hired at a long term care facility...once again. Nothing has changed except for far less pressure sores and restraints...thanks to those dreaded state surveys and of course better management. Tube feeds either by pump or bolus. When I oriented and would ask my preceptor to show me how "state" expects you to do it, the response was we didn't have time for that. The new thing is to clean your blood sugar machine first with a bleach wipe then with an alcohol wipe. After my narc count and report I first run and get all my BS and give insulins before they all take off to go smoke...yes really! And oh the "behaviors"! Most are really sweet in their own way and I wish I had more time to spend with each one.
  15. MountainRN53

    Looking after Dialysis patients during a hospital admission

    A wonderful post. I worked in Dialysis for a short time. The job was hectic and at times nerve-racking where I felt I would never make it through change over. Despite all my patients had to go through, and I think the one of the worst was county transport. Nonetheless, they were the ones that made the day better. God Bless them all!