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  1. Ellie.D

    Dosage calc for ATI testing

    For those of you still in nursing school, or back in nursing school, can someone familiar with ATI testing confirm a rounding question? I was taught never to round a dosage calc answer until the end. We are being taught to round the patient weight to the 10th (if asked to convert lbs to kg midway thru the problem) then clear the calculator, and use the rounded weight to calculate the dose (if mg per kg, for instance.) I can follow the instructor's rule fine for tests she writes, but don't want to bomb my ATI. Does anyone know how ATI does it when the weight isn't the final answer? We have no practice tests where we can review the correct answer afterward. And I contacted ATI but their rule sheet they sent doesn't address this question. Thanks!!
  2. Ellie.D

    Exposure to I-131

    Hello fello nurses! I have a friend who was expised to I-131 from a patient and did not ferl the unit prepared her properly. What advice/experience do you have for nurses working with these patients? Thanks do much for any insight!
  3. Ellie.D

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    You should not have any age related problems with school acceptance. If people believe they are not being hired due to age - maybe visit your local EEOC office. It's against the law to discriminate.
  4. I have experienced the instructors who don't use their textbook test banks, and grab questions off the internet or use previous tests from previous instructors that are loosely based on the material. This is lazy and should be unacceptable. This is a tough one to fight unless the students get together. A good program would recognize error on the program behalf and adjust. It's only fair that the tests should be based on the material presented and readings assigned. If you can justify your answer was supported in the lecture or text, they should be giving you the point. I just don't think it's fair for a student to have to justify correct answers.
  5. Ellie.D

    ADN or BSN for Future Masters Degree?

    If you already have a 4 year degree in ANYTHING I would skip the BSN if you are planning on getting a masters. But first, lay out all the prereqs you will need for RN school, and add that to the hours in an ADN program, then compare that to a BSN and I would pursue whichever path is shorter/cheaper. Talk to the BSN program advisor to see if your existing degree reduces the BSN requirements. ADN at community college is typically cheaper than a BSN. Most employers who want BSN really want a 4 year degree vs. an associate (2 year) degree. Bottom line, you don't need a BSN to go for a masters. By the time you add the science prereqs to your existing degree, you are basically only the ADN program away from a BSN equivalent from an employer perspective - in fact you would have much more. My bachelors was in pr and business. I still needed science and some prenursing before I could get into my ADN. I already had the writing, speech, math, and psych requirements. Good luck!
  6. Ellie.D

    90 minutes for a 100 question exam!

    Sometimes the comments in these posts are so condescending. Is that really necessary? I have been at two levels of nursing school, and the standard at one school was 1.5 minutes per question. The other was 1 minute per question. The poster has a right to "freak out" - no need to be rude.
  7. Ellie.D

    Dismissed from nursing program, HELP

    Most schools are not going to look at whether or not you were dismissed, but if you have the requirements for admission. The down side is your credits may not transfer. You may have to start over at the new school. I have friends who found schools that accepted part of their credits. When pass score minimums are often 80 or more percent, and these schools cram you through so fast, it's unfair to dismiss you after one "fail". Many schools allow one readmit per program, others allow two. It should depend on the circumstances in my opinion.
  8. Ellie.D

    Titles - RN, BSN, ARNP

    Why do people use multple titiles in practice- like RN, BSN or RN, ARNP. Why not just use the highest designation? Notice you never see LPN, RN listed together as titles!
  9. Ellie.D

    I Think I Messed Up =(

    Also your real life experience may cloud things for you when in the program, because they teach theory and textbook, not real world. Make sure you keep that in mind as your test answer might be best in the real world but be wrong in school!
  10. Ellie.D

    Last semester - I don't want to be a nurse?

    I agree with Ruby Vee. Regardless of what many say, you don't have to do bedside to be a nurse. You can work in a doctors office, in insurance, in a school....none if those necessarily deal with all the stuff in hospitals. First finish your degree. Then take a little time to explore options. Then try a few....you never know.
  11. Ellie.D

    nursing school bullying

    I agree, bullying is a really intentional acts of harm, damage, etc. This seems pretty "soft" fir bulky behavior. Thus guy might be shy or intimidated by you or know everyone else but I would try to put myself in a place where he can't avoid me, like step up and reach for one of those handouts when he does that, and up he keeps it up call him out, like "hey, can I get one?" If it keeps up, confront him politely outside of class.
  12. Ellie.D

    I need nursing school advice!!

    For me the toughest part was the pace and volume. Try to chunk out your reading and split it over several days. In some classes, it's impossible to get all the reading done. Focus on the lecture then supplement with the reading if you can't get thru it all. Two schools I have attended supply ATI books, that's the organization that does predictor tests for nclex. We ended up taking one or more predictor tests each semester. These ATI books are separate from our class texts but gave concise info that highlights the important stuff for each topic. You may have 30-80 page chapters on each topic in your text, but the ATI books will overview that info in a few pages. It won't exactly match your text but it will be closer to the material in your nclex exam. Other tips...I found the more vocal students sometimes end up being disliked by instructors. Be careful not to irritate an instructor. It can haunt you as they often talk amongst themselves and which can multiply the problem. I always wrote and rearranged my notes from class, powerpoints, and reading, into a Word document using bullets, tables, etc sometimes shading with color. This helped me recall as I could visualize better. Learn ways to use association for memorizing, especially helpful in pharm. Silly meaningless labels, associations, mnemonics really help when it comes time to recall. "Red man in the van with a kidney" sticks with me for vancomycin, which can cause red man syndrome, and is rough on the kidneys. On the critical thinking...some schools think either you have it or not, others think it can be taught, but it's difficult to teach. Use tools for prioritizing when answering test questions, like ABCs (airway breathing circulation often but not always are the priority), maslows hierarchy, safety, and knowing your pathophys, and reasoning through all the variables presented help you to arrive at the best answer. Eliminate the incorrect ones, then "go with what you know" on the remainders, being careful to not read into the questions or answers. Compare each answer to the question separately, not to each other. Treat the multiple choice like four true/ false questions paying attention to distractors and phrases like "patient needs more education if" or "patient demonstrates understanding when" phrases that can trip you up. STAY AHEAD of the material. It's difficult to catch up if you get behind! Use nurse tutors, retention specialists if your school has them, and other students for assistance. You got this!
  13. Ellie.D

    Unconventional hair colors

    As a rule of thumb, I defer to not drawing too much attention to myself. In a business setting including hospitals, it seems like the focus should be in business, or this case, the patients, not ourselves. I've never had the need or desire to express myself by standing out with fashion or fads. When they get too unusual, they can become a distraction. I like the artist's idea of spray in color for the clubs and fun times, then the ability to wash it out for the professional environment.
  14. Ellie.D

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    Yes to this post! I'd like to add, I never thought the material was terribly hard, it's the volume and pace. Stay ahead of assignments, and get help early on with the whole "critical thinking" and "nclex style questions". The testing style was the hardest thing for me. I graduated with honors in HS and college, but struggled to maintain a B in this stuff. Granted, I also worked fulltime and had very limited study time.
  15. Ellie.D

    How old is too old to become a new RN?

    I so agree. That is one of the big turn offs to nursing, the negativity. It's not everywhere but is common. I am stunned at the number of 20 ish posters who treat 50's like a deathbed. Someone barely in the workforce advising an experienced professional to focus on retirement....omg is all I can say.