Whistleblower Blues in Fort Worth, Texas

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    It is a sad career that we are in, folks. I'm a nurse working in a nursing home. I was told of another nurse taking pictures of a bipolar patient after a horrific fall she had, ending in a fractured nose and split lip requiring stitches. This nurse then proceeded to email and picture message the photos to her friends outside of work, laughing and mocking the patient and her injuries. Hearing this, I became enraged. Can you imagine if you were an elderly woman, fighting depression, and had just had a horrible fall, leaving you both scared and in horrible pain, and then to stand there while the nurse takes pictures of you and laughs?
    As soon as I found out about the incident, I went directly to my Director of Nurses and told her. She shrugged it off and said, "She's a young nurse and needs us to direct her on certain things". The situation was never reported, come to find out to state. Since I went to my DON in regards to this and many other instances of misconduct from the same nurse, I am now being retalitated against in more ways than I can explain. I am now being written up for EVERY possible error. The same errors, such as tardiness, that other nurses are NOT being written up for. I am so angry. Is this what nursing is REALLY about? :angryfire
    I have since reported it to the proper authorities, but am still being subjected to more retaliation than I can stand. Quitting is the only way that I see out. I've contacted several agencies, but to my err. There is no help out there for us. We are on our own, nurses and medical teams. As a nurse, you can only imagine the possible "set ups" that I could be in for. I have to leave. I hate it. These patients are dear to me and knowing that I am not going to be there to protect them hurts, even though I can protect them now, when I am there.
    Everyone says there are whistleblower laws out there and such, but don't listen to them. It is outrageous what you have to endure to do right. In the end, the "bad" people win. End of story.
    My advice? If you see wrong, report it, then quit. If you don't, you will be the target of unimaginable abuse yourself. There are NO options here. :imbar

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    You have two options, I suggest taking both.

    1) Shut up! (No more posts about this if you are serious about a case.)
    2) Lawyer up!
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    Quote from GilaRN
    You have two options, I suggest taking both.

    1) Shut up! (No more posts about this if you are serious about a case.)
    2) Lawyer up!
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    I have been in this situation, document everything. Document what errors you find, what you did. Keep a personal account of what what your NM tries to write you up for, and what actually happened. Start putting out applications. And seek legal counsel.
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    Just get out of that nursing home, go find you a real job. As for nursing, I know people are nurses for a reason, but find another area in life that you can help others, like a lawyer for helping people in these situaitons, or an advocate of some sort. There are other higher positions than nursing to see that people are treated humanly and withing the law!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you for responding. I am in the job seeking realm already...Sometimes it's just so appalling....people...and nurses...such a disgrace. I love nursing. I love people in general. But a situation like this...in the end...I know...nothing will happen to the bad guys...and it's so unjust. Surely, karma will kick in at some point? Why are people telling me to stop posting on this topic?
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    Why do you say no more posts if I am serious? I've already lost...
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    Quote from crippersmom
    Why do you say no more posts if I am serious? I've already lost...
    Oh you poor thing, nurses get told to shut up so often and frequently it is by our own. I could tell that you had just come to vent and I was not going to respond until I saw the "shut up" remark. Yes, there is a price to pay for blowing the whistle in all kinds of work places. Most people just say what they have to say then move on to another job because they know they will never get justice. Perhaps the person that posted the "shut up" was actually telling you they think you have a case. I think there were better ways of putting it.
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    People can take offense to the "shut up" remark all day long; however, the OP stated that they have no options. I assumed people would understand the actual meaning behind my comments. Allow me to be a bit more specific:

    Without knowning the complete scenario, I will assume that a case for whistle blower protection exists. If this is the case, then options exist. If somebody is serious about taking action, they need to shut up, go to a lawyer, and start putting a case together. Crying your heart out on a public forum is not helpful when legal stuff is involved. The time to talk will occur in court room or similar setting, not on a public forum where statements can be taken and used in many ways.

    Again, it was said no options exist; however, options may in fact exist. If the OP is serious about taking action, the OP needs to "shut up." Obviously, this is related to the whole "shut up and lawyer up" concept. Actually, the same concept. Go ahead and take offense; however, I still think it is sound advice.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your frankness. Advice taken.
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