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Recently I have a positon in which LPN's are on staff. In the 1970's, my Dean, Dr. Luther Christman, was instrumental in discouraging LPN programs. I realize that times have changed. I have changed... Read More

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    Quote from BeachBedhead
    I dont know if you felt attacked by post or offended or if you were just be informative but I was just stating my opinion about a particular program here. I, in know way was saying you have to be rich or poor to be a requisite for a nursing program.
    But its online so anything can be taken anyway...so sorry to offend or whatever...
    I wanted you to be aware that your statement was contradictory so you could have the opportunity to clarify. Sometimes the wrong syntax can change the way a message comes across. Your statement were not offensive persay but broad and sweeping implying that if you have the funds to chose a more expensive school that is somehow makes you less of a nurse. There are high priced for profit schools in all professions including laws and even medicine (those medical school in the Caribbean jump to mind) so the phenomena is by no means restricted to nursing.

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    Oh no oops
    I.meant they do not req pre reqs to get in. You cam come in with them done or do them there. That is what I meant. Sorry I was typing on my phone and sometimes I am too busy correctly phonetically (?) To correct myself grammatically.
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    I understand. I have an iPhone that won't let me cuss worth a darn and I'm always telling people they are full of shot

    I guess what it all boils down to if people are paying for it then there must be some value in it and I think the fact that that "university" bundles the prereqs is a selling point for most of their students.

    Though in many schools it is implied but not guaranteed that if you complete your prerequisites with them you will move on to the clinical portion. The school I'm taking my prereqs at has that arrangement each semester they see how many of their students are ready to move on and then they pick from the direct application pool.
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    Quote from nerdtonurse?
    And FYI, I don't care what initials you put behind your name, I care how smart you are, how safe you are, and how well you work with a team. I'd rather have a good, experienced LPN on shift with me than a brand new, thinks they know it all, ink on my license still wet BSN.
    COULD NOT AGREE MORE .....! I was fortunate to work with awesome LPN's. They saved my butt many a time, especially especially when I was new. Thankfully, I was smart enough to know how little I knew and how much they knew. It was not just experience knowledge either; they had fabulous assessment, problem solving and prioritization skills.
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    To the op: I think that the reason they were having a hard time is because of poor on the job training,not the program they attended.
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