Think Twice Before Becoming a "NURSE" - page 9

by mcrutRN

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No offense to the old-timers Face reality- Nurses are change resistors, not game changers. Working in the worst conditions surrounded by medical money. Making ends meet and supporting their significant others. Thinking they... Read More

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    I understand your frustration. I am a new nurse and often see the negative sides new RNs have to face in the workplace. I am determined to not let this get in the way of my excelling in this career! I have worked too hard earning my degree and homing my nursing skills to throw in the towel because of workplace incivility. I believe that will be a problem anywhere you go and in any profession. Itís how you deal with those negative people is what that sets you apart from others. I am sorry you are having problems adjusting to your career, but I feel just giving up and switching careers is not going to fix the problem. Try working on another floor and searching for positive people that have positive outlooks of life to work with. Good Luck and hang in there!!
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    I am told by my pts and their families that I am making a positive difference in the life/lives.....

    Everything else is noise.....

    I love being a nurse
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