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I've been following the debate about the health care law and it seems like most commenters are totally for it or adamantly against it. I've been watching my family, friends, and patients face bad choices and rationed health ... Read More

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    I am shaking my head at the news that poll after poll show americans want higher taxes! Astounded, really. Must be the 49% who pay no income taxes at all. And whose business is to assume that those who can afford a cadillac plan can also afford to pay more. That irritates me.
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    I'm not sure anyone's missed the point here. It's just that if more money were going into the public system to pay for actual care instead of being diverted into private coffers to pay for marketing, advertising and glistening corporate headquarters, providers would get paid more fairly and more patients who need comprehensive care would receive it. That's not happening now, and I think there are loopholes in the new law that will find people falling through the cracks.

    It's not fair to deprive the public system of resources and then call it a failure; administrative costs are low with publicly administered and financed systems. Whether or not the states expand medicaid remains to be seen; clearly that was the intent of the law. Some states like Vermont and California are in the process of accepting the challenge put forth by President O'Bama to come up with a better, more inclusive and equitable publicly financed system such as single payer.

    Only about 20% of the population at any given time requires medically necessary care for an assortment of chronic, acute, or traumatic illnesses or injuries. If everyone who is able pays into the system, the benefits--whether they include screening and prevention, dental/vision, medications, homecare supplies, and if needed, acute care services, will be available, accessible and covered at the time of need.
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    Quote from tntrn
    I am shaking my head at the news that poll after poll show americans want higher taxes! Astounded, really. Must be the 49% who pay no income taxes at all. And whose business is to assume that those who can afford a cadillac plan can also afford to pay more. That irritates me.
    Again the old line...the percentage that pay no income taxes...again not explained...please edify us as to who this mysterious group that pays nothing is. Seems to me that...oh yeah was it GE that paid no taxes recently...hmmm???
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    Do the research. It isnt a secret or something made up.
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    tntrn, most responsible people want to pay their way. You have safe water to drink, electricity that comes into your house, roads that get you from your home to work and play, a safe community to live in protected by police and fire fighters. Every working person pays payroll tax; every person who purchases almost anything pays a sales tax. Gasoline is taxed to keep the roads in working order. People with cell phones pay taxes for use of the public air waves. If you fly you pay a tax that pays for air traffic control--something no one flying would want to be without. We pay property tax so that our kids can have schools in which they can get an education. Taxes make a civilized society possible.

    For me it is appalling that 49% of Americans make so little that they don't meet the requirements on the tax scale to pay income tax---if indeed that is the case.

    Getting back to the cadillac tax it initially was in John McCain's platform. Originally Obama opposed it but in his efforts to reach across the isle and be bipartisan he agreed to it. Obama: McCain Wants to Tax Your Health Insurance

    Originally the House passed the bill without a cadillac tax and had other funding mechanisms. But the Senate with Democrat Max Baucus and Republican Charles Grassley proposing it, included it in the final bill. It seems to spring out of the false philosophy that people with plush plans use the health care system unnecessarily. Oh, yeah, sure give me another colonoscopy. Oh and throw in some chemo too---my plan covers it all! In reality Americans go to the doctor less often and spend fewer days in the hospital than many other 1st world countries. But we are still paying twice as much. We are truly getting gipped.
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    Excellent discussion.
    RN Catie Sager Believes We All Deserve to Retire with Dignity. Her Mom can't aford to retire because she is paying healthcare bills. -- Main Street Stories: RN Catie Sager Believes We All Deserve to Retire with Dignity - YouTube
    My grandmother sold her house and lived with her children during my entire childhood so she could pay the bills for my grandfathers terminal cancer treatment. If Medicare had been available he would have been covered.
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    The bottom line is that you are already being charged for people that don't have insurance through "cost shifting." Will this prevent costs from rising? Who Knows. As far as helping you. If you are fortunate enough to have health insurance coverage (whether it is adequate enough when you really need it is another story), than nothing much changes EXCEPT the insurance company won't be able to boot you out if (without reimbursing you the money that you and your employer paid in) if you get really sick. If you decide to strike out on your own and be an entrepreneur, you will be able to buy your own policy without worrying that you will be excluded because of a pre-exisiting condition.
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    2 things:
    First, you got it wrong about the tax on employers' coverage; starting in 2013, you will see on your W2 a box with the employers' contribution to your health plan, and in 2014 (I believe this is the right year) YOU will be taxed on that contribution as income.
    Next, as far as extra testing and such added to those with "Cadillac Plans", I assume you mean that Medicare is a "Cadillac Plan" because I see ALL the Medicare recipients getting unnecessary testing just because they're in the hospital or the family requests that head CT because dad has chronic headaches and the patient was admissted for chest pain r/o.
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    I'm sorry, what are all of these "polls" you are referring to where American's "want" higher taxes?? You mean want higher taxes on RICH people, not on the rest of us. They already pay the most taxes, and are paying for most of this "free" healthcare you keep touting. Did you know that 55% of Americans don't even PAY taxes? I for one, don't want to pay any more money to the government, expecially for something I don't even want to buy, let alone am forced to or be penalized. And by the way, we don't have rationed healthcare in this country. They DO have it in places like Canada and England, which you are all free to go and visit and see how wonderfully that is working out for them. I am Canadian, and I am lucky I was even born. My mother was fortunate to get an OB, as she found out early in the year she was pregnant. Doctors did then (and do now) have only so many pts a year they take on. If they are full in Jan, you are pretty screwed. She labored for 48 hours in a HALLWAY because there were no rooms, and even though she needed a C-section, she couldn't, because there was no qualified doctor to do one. None. Not for 400 miles. Out. Of. Luck. Oh, and 10 years ago my father died of cancer at 55 because they said, "You've had your chemo and radiation. We're sorry, but that's all you get." What he had was treatable, and he would have gotten a second round (or third) here, but with his "free" healthcare, you get what you pay for. If Free Coverage For All is so great, who do all of the world leaders get their care here, instead of their OWN country? You think nursing pay sucks now and jobs are hard to get? Wait until more docs leave the profession and more hospitals shut down. Hospitals and doctor's offices don't employ people when they aren't open. Marks my words. This will be the downfall of our profession. And new grads whine now....
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