Nursing sucks!

  1. Its like hospitals call for the smartest, best, top notch people to come forward so they can be taught to sacrifice their lives and eat dirt. There is a nursing shortage now and a even larger one predicted in the coming future. The nursing profession has become so unpleasant that we aren't going to have anyone wanting to be nurses anymore. For those of you that think money makes you happy then good luck with that. Money doesn't do any good when your miserable.
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  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    Well, I never went into nursing for the money. My bank account will verify that. I also refuse to eat dirt, not a good food choice. I do agree that there are some things that can make the job miserable, but personal outlook and perspective play a major role in how someone views a situation.

    Please don't fool yourself. There is NO nursing shortage. There was a little over a decade ago, but now schools are cranking out new grads like Dairy Queen pumps out soft serve. What we have is a shortage of EXPERIENCED and QUALIFIED nurses willing to work at a facility full time and/or for the pay they offer compared to other places, especially agencies. For example, one can make $24 an hour FT, $30 an hour PRN, or $40 an hour agency going to the same facility....which one is someone going to want to work? And then the higher one doesn't have the politics attached.