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Wondering if there are any nurses on here working without health insurance? Does your employer provide this?... Read More

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    Quote from Up2nogood RN
    Mine pays 100% for me and family with personal yearly deductible of $350 and total family deductible of $1200. Dr visits are $10, and 20% responsibility of labs, specialist's charges (anesthesia, surgeon,etc) but inpatient stay is covered 100%. RN's also get one free CBC each year.
    Each time our contract is up for renewal management threatens to increase our insurance rates/deductibles and our union works hard to keep it from happening.
    It's very disheartening to hear all these personal stories of such poor insurance to those who are the primary caregivers!
    Where do you work, and are they hiring? :redpinkhe
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    All employees at my current hospital are required to have health ins. If you can't show proff through your spouse you are automatically enrolled. We have different choices of deductables, I think the coverage is average. About 425 a month for hubby & myself, would be a little lower if I could get him to quite smoking.
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    48yo here and I have not seen the likes of what some posters are putting on here! I have worked for the USAF (AD and Civil Service) and assorted corporate entities. The MOST expensive ins I had was as an IT contractor @ $1000/mo but it came with low deductible, co-pays, et. al. Other than this, I got fam coverage, with low OOP costs for ~ $300/mo for decades. I don't have to purchase ins anymore because I married a wonderful man who is AD military.

    BTW, jenin.....would you mind informing the gang here about how much you lose each pp for taxes? My hubby worked in Aus. (Was married to an Aussie at the time.) Truth be told, he would get more $ on the dole than working FT and paying the enormous taxes he had to pay! He did love the socialized medical care....but you should see the size of the scars that he was left with! (10 in lateral scar for kidney stones!) But, everyone needs to realize that medical bills will be paid one way or another. Either you pay premiums or you pay taxes. The problem with the current political (US) model is that it rewards the lazy and irresponsible (octomom comes to mind) while penalizing those who work! [All you wonderful nurses with astronomical premiums pay for your own insurance AND your taxes pay for the likes of octomom!]
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    I've got an idea.......I think if I get really sick and can't afford insurance/deductable anymore, I'll just go to a post office and slap a postal worker, that's a federal offense Hey, we house federal inmates at my facility (post op, IV ABTs etc) and they get treated like kings........all on OUR dime!
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    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    Well I wasn't specifically referring to you, and I understand what you're saying...but they can only deny pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months of coverage. And within a few years they won't even be able to do that (as long as idiots don't come along and repeal the health care reform bill in its entirety because it's "too long to read.")

    I had a chronic pain condition for five years. All of the mumbo jumbo does su*ck!
    Thanks........all the mumbo jumbo crap is crazy. Denials, repeals, and paperwork......and in those 12+ months MASSIVE bills. It's all so frustrating........they can debate healthcare reform all they want to......especially when it has absolutely NO effect on them at all! They have insurance and always will have insurance.....that they don't pay for plus their saleries in full for the rest of their lives. They're all in bed with each other (politicians, insurances, drug companies, and hospitals)......they just like to make noise.

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