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And I am just blown away. I am incredulous. I have felt for a while that we should have universal health care here in the US, but I didn't know things were this bad. We really should be ashamed that GTMO Bay prisoners get... Read More

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    Quote from talaxandra
    All the consultants I know who work privately (either medical or surgical) also work within the public health care system. While I'm sure they exist, I'm not aware of many consultants for whom this is not the case.

    While there are certainly cases of unsafe practitioners not being removed early (Jayant Patel being the most notable example), I believe this has much more to do with protective culture than the source of funding.

    I hgree with those of you who've mentioned litigation as a significant contributor to US healthcare cost. I have idemnity insurance ($2M) as part of my union membership, along with free legal advice and representation, but I doubt I'll need the former and anticipate that the only use I'll have for the latter would be employment- rather than litigation-related - in twenty years of clinical practice nobody I know (nursing or medical) has been individually sued. I don't mean taken to court, I mean any kind of overture of legal action. Even the threat "I'll sue!" is rare.

    This doesn't mean, as someone claimed ages ago on this thread, that patients who've been harmed are unable to sue but the cases I've heard of where patients claimed against the hospital as an entity were settled out of court (always legitimate claims, like the patient with diabetic neuropathy who received significant burns from a hot pack placed directly agaisnt her ankle).
    Thanks for the information. Americans are quite litigious not so much out of greed but because of the corporate structure of 95% of what we do in our everyday lives. Accountability is a real issue here and that has historically been the best method for taking folks to task.
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    My problem with the US health system is that most of us of working age are contributing the hard earned dollars to health care. However, it's most likely that we will use the most health care dollars within five years of our deaths. So, we are contributing to private industry all our working lives (providing we have no pre-existing conditions - what losers those people are!), then taking from the taxpayer when we are retired. Nice.
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