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I am headed to this in November. It is the most important patient advocacy of our times. Healthcare-NOW! is the coalition that has been staging sit - ins at insurance companies around the... Read More

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    Quote from Onekidneynurse

    Equitable. Why does every "industrialized" country with universal health care have to rely on private health care insurance to get decent care? Doesn't that mean that again if you can afford it you can get it?
    The post office is OT. The US ranks last in equity. TR Reid has an interesting discussion in his new book about the role of insurance in primary care. Primary care cannot be financed through a for profit system in other countries. (Actually the private insurance and sickness funds are thriving in Germany and other countries on a not for profit basis.) Supplemental insurance is sold but it isn't to provide "decent care" it is more to address elective care issues....

    A little research shows that our system does fail the equity test.

    We pay cadillac prices for yugo level performance.
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    wow...just read the entire thread and am underwhelmed by the name calling and straw men that are offered up by those opposing health reform in our country.

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