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contemporary issues in nsg

  1. 0 hi guys

    i,m looking for ideas for my first paper in "contemporary issues in nsg"... i want to find something else than "shortage of RN)

    please help me!!!
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    Try looking through some journals to find ideas. Good luck w/ your paper.
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    not really a new thing, but it's always a changing topic- something along the lines of drug diversion in nursing? nurses becoming addicted to medications they so easily have access to? steps that hospitals are taking to prevent this? nurses in recovery?

    good luck!
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    You could look at the criticism that fast track advanced-practice nurses have less expertise than those with RN topic for sure
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    I've noticed over the last few years that the field of Case Managers and the like has expanded amazingly. In my little ICU the last 5 RNs to move on all went to Computers and phone-conference type work instead of "bedsides". Makes sense in this "managed care" world. But I'd find it interesting to look into, just out of curiosity. How much has the field grown? How is it linked to this whole internet thing? Does it actually produce measurable improvement for the patient? You could take it from there.
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    There is no true nursing shortage for most of the country, unless you read the propaganda from certain schools, facilities & organizations. Statistics & probability can be adjusted to show whatever you want it to.

    I think fast track advanced practice nurses would be a good topic, especially an bachelors direct entry RN-MSN. Clinical bedside nursing should be the foundation of an advanced degree, especially if the goal is to gain certification as an advanced practice nurse.
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    Please don't write a paper upon the mythical nursing shortage , I would love to know whwere the liars that perpetrate this fallacy get their data .There may be a problem with the distribution of nurses ie. an unpopular area may find it hard to recruit , but that will be true in all areas of employment at the given location .But as a whole there is no shortage of nurses .
    Sorry to be cynical here but it is in the interest of educators to portay a shortage as that will maintain the stream of students and it is in the interest of employers to portray a shortage as that will maintain an oversupply of nurses who will be desperate for any job and keep payscales down .
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    Quote from mirabelle
    hi guys

    i,m looking for ideas for my first paper in "contemporary issues in nsg"... i want to find something else than "shortage of RN)

    please help me!!!
    I also have a paper to complete on current contemporary issues in nursing & health care.
    These are some of the issues I have found.
    Compassion Fatigue,
    Nurse competence,
    Staffing ratio's,
    Hope one of these help
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    Need peer reviewed articles? I suggest you visit

    OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
    The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing s a peer-reviewed, online publication that addresses current topics affecting nursing practice, research, education, and the wider health care sector.