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Not sure where this goes on allnurses. But since everyone has their own core beliefs that inform their nursing practice, I thought it would be interesting to more than just the political junkies. ... Read More

  1. by   PMFB-RN

    Really, tell me how?

    *** In this case the pharmacist can be in a position to impose his beliefs in others by refusing to dispense. I think in many or most areas a woman would havbe other options to get around one who refuses to dispence the Plan B, bit in some areas, like where I live refusal to dispence by one pharmacy means thge woman simply can not get it.

    Christians (and remember, agnostic here, so I'm not personalizing, I am relaying observations) are ALWAYS getting told how ignorant, backwards, wrong they are.
    *** Well I don't say that about them. I have never heard Christians being told that. It's something beyond my experience.

    Their values are always trampled on.

    *** Pfffffffttt!! Not! Their values are impossed on all in our society. I resent it.

  2. by   PMFB-RN
    Yes, I am currently a city-dweller. However I grew up in the country and do know what it is like. And I still say that unless the women are being physically restrained from seeking out another pharmacist, they still have the ability to seek Plan B from someone who doesn't feel it is against their beliefs.
    *** If a woman only has one option for a pharmacy and that pharmacy chooses not to dispence she is out of options. I disagree.

    I believe that so long as what you do doesn't HARM someone else, we have no right to tell you how to behave. And telling a woman that this particular pharmacist will not dispense Plan B, well that is not causing harm.

    *** Your views on abortion don't really matter since this discussion has nothing to do with abortion. If there is only one pharmacist and he refuses he is harming her.

    Now, take away the livelihood of a pharmacist for this ONE medication?
    *** In my opinion people who choose not to do their job can and should be fired.

    What if this is a really good pharmacist?
    *** A pharmacist who refuses to do his job isn't a good pharmacist. If he doesn't want to dispence plan B he should choose to work in a job where it isn't an expectation. There are plenty of them out there.

    if he is supporting a wife and a couple of kids? Who are we to take away his source of income for choosing not to dispense something that is firmly against his religious beliefs,
    *** Each of us must consider the effect of our individual choices on our family. If he chooses not to do his job and is fired then he only has himself to blame. He should make choices that are the best for his family. If that means he has to work as an ICU or oncology pharmacist so he isn't in a position to impose his personal values on others then that is what he should do.