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CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'RE JUST A NURSE JUST a nurse. I am JUST a nurse. No big deal, had I been more adventurous maybe I would have gone to medical school. These thoughts are the thoughts of... Read More

  1. by   silentRN
    ya, we need less documentation, not more...that's where I stopped reading and had to disagree with the post.
  2. by   elprup
    Quote from FLmomof5
    I disagree with one point made by the PP. Chronic care is not devalued. In fact, from my own job offers, those LTC/LTAC/SNF jobs I have had or was offered paid MORE than the hospital job!I would rather have my care based on CPT code than patient surveys!!Fact is that too many Americans have been taught that outcome is the goal...not equal opportunity but equal outcome....translated medically that it isn't equal opportunity for good nursing care but better outcomes for the patient. Doctors are not Gods and they cannot always predict who will or will not survive. They cannot predict one head injury outcome over another...it is 'wait and see'. How many stories have we heard where a patient wasn't expected to survive but did or vice versa.How do we as nurses begin to get the world to realize our true value? It will never come from becoming medical waitresses. As a career transitioner, I had NO concept of all the knowledge that a nurse needs to pass the NCLEX and then to provide care. Somehow, some way we need to get the general public to know that we are not just the doctor's handmaidens. Honestly, the silliest, but most effective way would be proper nurse based drama shows. As long as the public sees nurses behind the desk as the station gossiping about nothing....then see the doctor do all the procedures that are the nurses area of practice, they will NEVER see our value.
    Exactly what I have been saying all along. We should be friends.
  3. by   Bepop
    Simply love this idea !! Will never happen but your point is well stated. I would add one more radical idea. Since false allegations against nurses for drug diversion is pandemic ,Hospitals should be required to have only designated Nurses pass out Narcotics on each floor each shift. Those Nurses should be randomly drug tested per a prescribed schedule. This would give less opportunity for retaliation against nurses the Manager simply does not like and deframation of character.