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just a quick recap for those that dont want to read the article... a 4 month old weighs in at 17#'s and his parents insurance company denies him coverage because of him being obese!! He was almost 9#'s when he was born and now... Read More

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    Haha thats true, Fox news would hate to think anything they posted would promote "obamacare". I think its ridiculous that for any reason they would deny coverage to a baby. I too would go running to the media in hopes that the company would realize how stupid that was and give my baby insurance.... and it worked for them it seems. I do think its terrible when children are overweight and I am aware of how unhealthy it is, however I do not believe that applies in this case. I would hate for someone to see this and use it as an excuse to not feed their baby! not that long ago there were parents watering down formula to save money, and the babies were dying... some people shouldnt be allowed to have kids! I am not a huge advocate for the proposed health care plan, but this is a prime example of why we do need some sort healthcare reform... If only we lived in a perfect world lol
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    why pick on this little guy? there are plenty of overweight senators that do not favor public health care that we could throw throw to the curb. i think a few fox news commentators would fit this description as well...
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