written up for having back pain

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    I was written up for having too many occurences because I was out with back issues and had epidurals. I have never been written up for anything ever in 20+ working years. They say I did not qualify for FMLA. What do you do? Do I just take it and see my career go down the tubes or fight? I am just not sure how to fight anymore.

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    File for workmans comp (if work related) and FIGHT!

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Back yoga. The most successful nurses in addiction recovery from prescribed back meds, are the ones who learn to use Yoga to manage pain.
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    I have had numerous injuries due to Nursing, I cannot walk up a flight of steps now without difficulty, have back, neck and shoulder pain from the job, so I can relate to you. I am 56, I dont know how old you are but I had tried alernative methods to treating my back problems which got so bad I was walking sideways, and log rolling myself onto the floor first to just get out of bed. I think what happens with nurses that injure themselves is that the company thinks you are just fabricating your pain, they cannot see it, xrays may show nothing outside of some arthritis or degenerative changes but allin all NO ONE TAKES YOU SERIOUSLY. I spent alot of time in orthopedic doctors offices, physical therapy, which did nothing, until I found YOGA, Relaxation methods, and other means to alleviate inflammation and pain. IT WORKED. On occasion I do take Alleve/tylenol and aspirin. But I keep doing alternative treatments along with antiinflammatory foods such as Salmon(which I am not a big fan of) but eat it anyway. YOGA and my tens unit help me greatly. But I do it ever so gently cause it will generate more pain in myself if I do too much. I watch less news, more movies I love, especially comedies and old time movies...makes me forget about the crappy world we all live in. I try to keep a positive attitude which is so difficult and try to give one person a smile each day. Its a tough road. Dont rely on the medical system to alleviate your pain, YOU KNOW YOURSELF BETTER THAN ANYONE. where there is a will there is a way....nurses are very strong people, VERY STRONG. You have the background of knowledge behind you, USE it to your advantage...your knowledge of nursing is your own line of defense in helping yourself right now. And workmans comp does help too. Have you filled out an incident report? I injured myself numerous times and it was all because my muscles were out of shape and getting constantly reinjured over and over again, resulting in me getting Injury related arthritis now. Take care of yourself through other alternative means now.....you are your best own hope.
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    Thanks everyone I will try the yoga and I was thinking there has to be an antiinflamatory diet. Unfortunately it is not workmans comp. it is just a congenital thing that has reared its ugly head. I am 47 and have been fused from L3-5 and with hardware taken out. I have had at least 25 epidurals. Maybe it was workmans comp a few years back who knows? All I can do is keep trying to take care of myself and look for that nursing job that won't bite me in the butt haha. Thanks for listening it helps alot.
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    Lawandaluxnurse: Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing. Personally, I have found the viniyogatherapy for low back (and there is another for upper back pain) to be verrrry helpful. These are deceptively simply exercises for people who are NOT flexible. I use one of those floating mats you use in a swimming pool for a yoga mat because my 65 year old knees need more padding than a yoga mat. If I were rich, I'd have a massage every day!
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    And if your finanicial pocket allows, swimming is low impact and wonderfully relaxing too. Some health spas require you to take out the whole shabang including the entire use of the exercise equipment and all. I always just wanted to JUST SWIM and found it hard to find a place outside of a local YWCA nearby. I am sure you will make the right decision. You have to save yourself here in order to help keep saving people.
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    I tend to sleep with a few rolled up towels; one under my lumbar spine, between my shoulder blades and under my neck....
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    Why do you not qualify for FMLA? This is a legal issue, not something your employer can grant or withhold at their whim. I got in trouble for absences, and then promptly filed for FMLA. They couldn't touch me then, and I was scrupulously honest about it. Calling in for a stomach virus and calling in for the issue covered by FMLA were always distinguished by me.
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    Have you explored your disability options yet? You may be able to obtain partial disability which would open up some financial options for you re: health care coverage & allow you to cut back on your hours or change to a less physically taxing environment.
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