Visually impaired nurses

  1. I've been medically disabled due to my vision loss; currently I'm 20/500 in one eye and 20/200 in my good eye. (Legally blind with correction) Although I have some vision left, it is extremely distorted. I am able to use my computer at home with adaptations. I am wondering if anyone out there has dealt with vision loss and was able to continue working as an RN in any capacity? I'm unable to leave my home, due to not being able to drive, along with other physical disabilities which basically make me home bound. I miss working very much. Does anyone know of ANY home-based RN work for someone like me?
  2. Poll: Have you known any visually impaired nurses who continued to work?

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    • No, I don't think it's possible to work as an RN and be visually impaired.

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  4. by   doggal
    I would personally consider contacting your local disabilites retraining center. In NY it is VESID. I do not mean to retrain other than as a nurse. But they may be able to point you in directions with augmented computers and the like. What comes to mind is working in a field such as counseling. It can be done. But you need a lot of support and here is where formal programs can help.
  5. by   CJ NV
    I have been trying to connect with other nurses who have visual impairment like I do for a long time and found this awesome site and this forum.I know how you feel.I'm now early retired due to a progressively worsening Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is an inherited, degenerative eye disease that causes severe vision impairment and blindness.RP affected both my eyes.It has caused me my central and peripheral vision.I have it since childhood but of course I didn't realize until I was diagnosed yrs back.I managed and compensated so very well for a long time,went to nursing school and worked Medical-Surgical,ICU-CCU and then Telemetry unit for total of 30+ yrs.experience.It has gotten progressively worse over the last 6 yrs but just trying to ignore the symptoms and continue on working but I was struggling at work.I was on denial stage for a while.I was scared my career was over.Finally,I accepted and realized the fact that I can no longer be able to deliver safe and high and quality level of care.There's too much at stake that I took a leap of faith hoping that with God's blessings everything will be alright.It was a long and lengthy process,but with the support of my family and my doctors I finally retired last April'12..I can use the computer with adaptation devices and I'm now working on some retraining program and find and enjoy quality time with my family while I can....I just hope my little testimonial helps other nurses who are visually disabled/impaired and to let them know they're not alone...Thank you so very much...
  6. by   sauconyrunner
    We have a few nurses working as Data abstractors for Core Measures and quality. The title they have is "QUality analyst" or something like that. If you are able to use the computer with the adaptive devices, this could be a possibility, might be very difficult to do this 40 hrs a week...

    We also have a nurse in the ED who does call backs on pt cultures- to tell them they have the love bug etc. THey make sure the proper rx is called in if the pt was not treated in the ED and counsel the pt on safer sexual practices, which seems like it could be done at home as well.....

    Very good Luck to you. My Dad;s vision is similarly bad...
  7. by   saraiish
    I have 20/80 corrected and 20/200 without it might not be safe with that kind of vision. mine has me over coming difficulties and I don't tell other because I don't want them doubting my competency hope this helped :-)
  8. by   andreasmom02
    I'm an LPN, female, 32 years old. I was born clinically blind in the left eye due to a congenital cataract that was difficult to operate on. My parents chose not to have the cataract operated on when I was 3 years old (when it was first discovered on an eye exam) because of the risks. I am nearsighted (-3.50) in right eye, but see 20/20 corrected with glasses or contacts. I see 20/400 in left eye with the cataract, but have some peripheral vision in that eye. I see 20/20 with both eyes open, but if I close my good eye, can't see with left. My left eye has never slowed me down, but I do worry my vision may deteriorate more over time with age. I do have terrible floaters in both eyes. I have worked part time on and off as an LPN since 2008. I am currently a stay at home mom.
  9. by   SWARREN71
    I too have RP and have struggled with my job over the past 2 years I was relieved from my last position 6 weeks ago the emotional strain of my changing eyesight and new Dx of MS has been extremely difficult. I miss working and bringing home a paycheck. But can't find anything I am able to confidently do with my nursing degree. I cant handle being on the computer for extended periods of time due to eye strain and pain in my eyes and headaches