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  1. lightspirit

    Retired, now what?

    i, too, was forced to retire medically, very abruptly. the grieving process is all-to-real. at one time i was physically deteriorating and began telephone triage as my "last ditch" effort to continue working. although i missed the hands-on, i found much satisfaction with helping patients on the phone. then i landed in the hospital and never was able to return to work. along with all of my other physical problems, i am now blind. i am a widow, so the struggle financially has been great. i wish i could comfort you somehow, but i know that i had to go through the grieving process in my own time, for the loss of my career. the loss of my career was just as devastating as the loss of a loved one. it's been a year and a half now, and i still struggle. it's not easy, after being so independent, both physically and financially, for so long...and then....boom. all i can say is that i feel your pain, and hope that you can find something to fill the void of wanting to care for someone. i try to do something every day, no matter how small, to let someone know i care. sending cards, emails, etc. to friends, family, etc. helps. forgetting about myself and finding someone who is hurting, to send an email, call...to just be a support to someone....helps. these are little things, but i have found it does fill the void. i have learned to appreciate every precious moment....what appears to be mundane can contain inspiring moments, if you look hard enough. i hope you are able to find some satisfaction in your days ahead, and will be able to reflect on those moments in time when you cared for patient's with great appreciation. those moments made a difference in someone's life. you made a difference, and that has not changed. you still have the ability to make a difference in someone's life today. there is still someone hurting who needs you. i wish you peace.
  2. lightspirit

    Visually impaired nurses

    I've been medically disabled due to my vision loss; currently I'm 20/500 in one eye and 20/200 in my good eye. (Legally blind with correction) Although I have some vision left, it is extremely distorted. I am able to use my computer at home with adaptations. I am wondering if anyone out there has dealt with vision loss and was able to continue working as an RN in any capacity? I'm unable to leave my home, due to not being able to drive, along with other physical disabilities which basically make me home bound. I miss working very much. Does anyone know of ANY home-based RN work for someone like me?
  3. lightspirit


    Hi, Kelly, We are in similar situations. I have FM, along with a list of other chronic conditions. Last Dec. I ended up in the hospital, and have been unable to return to work since. After pushing for so many years, my body has now gotten to the point that I can no longer even function at home without assistance. I am now appealing my first SSDI denial, and have gone with Allsup for legal counsel (they have a very high success rate). How they denied me, when I had 5 physician's stating I am permanently disabled is beyond me. But, for your question: my understanding is that you shouldn't work during the process of applying for SSDI; the judge will look at any attempt as ability to do some kind of work. I am in a situation where I have used up my entire savings...there is no more. I don't know what to do, because I cannot DO any kind of work. Prior to my separation from my employer, I was on restricted duty, doing telephone work only. I pushed myself for years, trying every conceivable option...but even sitting down all day is impossible for me now, because of pain & other issues. However, I have just begun thinking about some type of work out of my home...it is the only environment where I could get up & down if necessary. I just don't know where to begin to look. I honestly don't even know if I can handle that. Good luck to you...I hope you find something that will work for you. It's so difficult establishing yourself in a career you love, and then being forced to retire so young (for me, at least...I'm only in my late 50's). Hang in there. This certainly isn't what we planned for our lives, is it?!