Other jobs with a nursing degree?

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    I want to know what the other options are for someone with a nursing degree but no license. Not a revoked license, just if someone were to be denied licensure for like an impairment (physical or mental). Can you get a Master's (in a health care field other than specifically nursing) and do something in that? Just curious. I am sure that's happened before but I don't see anything that really addresses no license due to impairment (not being an alcoholic or using drugs; but physical or mental impairment); only revoked license due to other things.

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    Have you ever tried maybe entering something like a medical science (become a scientist)? Where I work, in haematology, we have one lad who did I think 2 years of his nursing degree, then changed to a medical degree whereby he learnt how to do differentials for blood counts/blood films, running the lab machines etc.
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    I haven't been denied. But, it's always possible because where I think I am at and how I function is different than what physicians think. I am going to explain to them that at next doctor's appt and try and get something changed and if I am denied by BoN, then I will appeal. I have evidence that supports how I function rather than what they think, so hopefully I will get licensed. It is scary though having your future in the hands of people that really do not know you.

    My dx, tx, prognosis letter was very generic to the disease/illness/syndrome (I am not going in detail what I have) instead of what I am actually on, the treatment I am receiving, and my prognosis. I am going to explain that to the doctor. It makes it look like I am not taking medication or complying with treatment when in fact, I was never prescribed certain meds/treatments listed in the letter. The letter hasn't been sent yet (thank goodness); I brought over guidelines for denial to the office and explained this is done on a case by case basis and I need my letter tailored to me and if I am okay to practice. Hopefully, it was a big misunderstanding. But just in case, I wanted to know other career paths with nursing degree.
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    can an administrator move this to nurses with disabilities forum, so I can perhaps get more suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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    pharmaceutical or medical equipment sales?
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    can I go on for my Master's and PhD and become an epidemiologist? Or do I need to have a nursing license?
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    You need to have a nursing license to get a Master's or a PhD in nursing but to become an epidemiologist, I believe you generally need a Master's in Public Health.

    What state do you live in that the Board of Nursing requests all this information on you? My Board of Nursing knows nothing about my medical history, nor would I ever share it with them as it has no bearing on my abilities as a nurse. All they ask when you apply for licensure is about criminal histories.
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    Moved as requested
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    Kel, I am in Virginia. Our Board of Nursing asks about criminal history and if there is any physical or mental impairment (means mental illness or physical illness) that would prevent me from being safe. What it is asking is if you have a mental illness or a physical illness. Then, you get something in the mail asking for you to send a letter from your doctor (psychiatrist or primary care depending on the case) with your dx, tx, and prognosis and if fit to practice. It is mandatory. They don't need an extensive history, but enough about it to make a decision to approve, approve with limitations, or deny. If you lie and they ever find out (say you get hospitalized with said condition and someone reports you to BoN that you are currently not fit to practice) it makes it worse for you because instead of temporarily suspending license due to health concerns, they can revoke your license and you can't get it back. Punishment for lying to the board, not having a physical or mental illness. I think it is also considered fraud or something. So, I disclosed to the Board what I had and my doctor needs to send the letter. Problem is with what he wrote, I don't think I will be approved. I am going to ask for him to change it and present the evidence that suggests that I am okay to practice; but I need a plan B just in case I can't have my license. I want a MPH, not a MSN, so I think if you only need a license for a MSN, I'm okay. My plan is public health anyway.

    I think if I am denied, I get an appeal. But, I don't know how often people win their appeal. I am just scared because my future is in the hands of people who don't know me and I worked so hard for my degree.
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    i have epilepsy, which i disclosed to the bon. i was seizure free on meds and only have partial complex and simple complex
    seizures, with no loss of consiousness. virtually all are like extra strong vise grip strengh muscle contractions in my face.
    but i disclosed anyway.

    before my stroke, i was a psych nurse. i took two breaks at different times when i got burned out emotionally and worked
    as a social services caseworker taking intake information. the other time, i managed a homeless shelter. might those be
    possibilities for you?

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