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That's the number of Americans said to be living with one or more mental illnesses, according to some statistics. Of course, that's just the number who have an actual diagnosis, or who admit to having some sort of psychological... Read More

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    I tend to think that we over diagnose in this day and age. Behavior that was tolerated even twenty years ago is now seen as maladjusted. I don't mean to minimize mental health issues, because they affect our society greatly. What I AM saying is that there is great breadth in human behavior and not everything is a disorder. I don't believe that 20 - 33% of everyone in America suffers from mental illness. Just sayin'
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    Well, the poll is now closed and Anxiety is the clear winner, followed by Major Depression. Pretty much what I expected.....I swear, half the nurses in America must be on anxiolytics and/or antidepressants, and with good reason. This profession is hell on the emotions, to say nothing of what it does to your back and your eating habits!

    Yes, I should have put "None" as an option; it would've been useful indeed in calculating the usefulness of the "one-in-five" claim. As it is, it would be interesting to know what conditions fell under the "other" category.

    I was also rather surprised and pleased to see that nurses with schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder had weighed in, as well as eight of my fellow bipolars. When I created this decidedly unscientific poll, I was debating whether or not to include cyclothymia, which is on the bipolar spectrum but not really considered a true form of the disorder.....more like 'bipolar lite'. Not to minimize the suffering of anyone with a mood disturbance, but there's a big difference between a low-grade wave of cycling moods and the kind of BP that literally drives people insane. I have a couple of friends with bipolar 1, and what they go through makes even my version of the disorder look like a walk in the park.

    Many thanks to everyone who participated! Even in the relatively anonymous world of the Internet, it's difficult to share such a personal issue and I salute all of you who have done so. I'm glad the subject is more out in the open than it used to be; maybe in another generation people with mental illness will be accepted in the larger society, much like everyone else who's ever had to fight for their place in the sun.
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