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I'm a registered nurse with a disability and would like to hear from others who may be disabled as well. I would like to know if you have encountered difficulites with employers/co-workers. Thanks!!... Read More

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    Yes, I have encountered difficulties with employers and occasionally co-workers as well. Before I divorced and relocated to a different state, I had a nasty Lupus flare and had to take 6 weeks medical leave. Before that I was working full time. After I returned from leave I primarily worked part-time, but often picked up extra shifts when I felt energetic (lol). Anyway, when I started through the divorce stuff I asked my nurse manager if she would schedule me for full time (now that I was having to pay apartment rent plus 1/2 of the house payment until the house sold) and she refused. She said she couldn't rely on me being able to work full time now since I had to take the 6 week medical leave previously. Because Rapid City, SD really doesn't have much of a nursing shortage, I ultimately had to relocate to a different state in order to work full time.

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    Wishing you well with surgery and recovery.


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