Nurses with disabilities

  1. I'm a registered nurse with a disability and would like to hear from others who may be disabled as well. I would like to know if you have encountered difficulites with employers/co-workers. Thanks!! P.S. I am hearing impaired.

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  3. by   bookworm1
    I will be interested in reading the replies to this, also. I am deaf in one ear and it seriously impedes my ability to tell what direction sound is coming from. Hearing aids cannot help me at this time, but I found a surgeon willing to try to 'cure' me. We don't have any idea what kind of outcome to expect, but we are hoping for enough improvement that at least a hearing aid would work for me if not a complete reversal of my condition. I am scheduled for surgery in the morning (after researching it for about a year) and I am getting nervous about it not to mention future employment in the case of failure.
  4. by   mom and nurse
    Thought you might be interested in knowing about the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL) they have a link from their main page for nurses.

  5. by   jolleygirl
    I also have hearing loss, secondary to Wegeners Granulomatosis, all new this year. I have a hearing aide in the right ear and am trying one now for the left. With the cost of the aides I'm not sure I can really afford the second one right now, but will do what ever is needed.
    I have twice been pulled into my managers office with c/o of "job performance". I feel like its my year to be beat upon. My biggest challenge is to limit my own pity parties and say Lot of Prayers.
    Also my prayers to both of you, and good luck.
  6. by   bronxgirl
    I am new to this site ..i am also hearing impaired. i do use hearing aids. throughout my education in general and my nursing education and work settings there were people who were more than cooperative and some people who did everything possible to make my life miserable. there are many adaptive euqipment now that they did not have before. amplified stethescopes..and even the digital BP cuffs. one of the best things for me are the amplified phones for phones were always challenging.even though my co-workers know i am hearing impaired..they tend to forget and at times talk with their hands over their mouths..or talk to me from another room etc.. i do need to remind them when needed. on the whole i do get alot of support but that usually comes after they see i work side by side with them.
  7. by   P_RN
    Back injured nurse her. (BIN) for short. I belong to a group (non-profit) called work injured nurses (WING USA)

    Of course this in particular interest to us BIN, but there is a lot of legislation on behalf of injured/impaired nurses. Anne sends out a newsletter every month. Did you know Australia is practically NO LIFT? I believe England is almost there too.
    Well this BIN hasn't been able to work for over 5 years and is on disability. Wheeeeee.
  8. by   BernieRN
    I am hearing impaired as well. Legally deaf without the digital hearing aids. Doc figures I could be completely deaf in a couple of years. I would have the option of implants.
    I am still in general courses and some professors it is difficult to hear.
    I have an amplified scope from working as a vet assistant and my audiologist can have molds made that I won't have to take the aids out to use the scope.
    I do have to have amplified phone. I can't hear on regular or cell. The aids have a phone mode but it's difficult to understand people through it.
    I do lip read as well.
    I would love to do surgery nursing but with people wearing masks, I'm not sure how that would work. I think I will just wait until I get in to different areas of nursing and find out what works with my hearing.
    One day at a time.
  9. by   teeituptom
    I have a hearing loss also. From years of raising 7 kids. And /or Rock and rRoll music that I loved when I was young. Personally I find my hearing loss while overall its just moderate. A Blessing. I dont get in a lot of friendly discussions, I dont hear people call me from behind. I dont hear certain doctors. I dont hear when my kids asked for money or cars. I always heard and knew when they did something wrong though. I do supplement my hearing with lip reading.
  10. by   herecomestrouble
    Bookworm,how did the surgery go?Please let us know how you are doing?
  11. by   bookworm1
    I have to say it is one of the worst things I have gone through! Because the doc needed to do alot of work in the middle ear, I suffered from vertigo, nausea and vomiting for almost 2 weeks.

    Unfortunately I still suffer from a hearing loss in that side but there may still be improvement over the next 2 months. At least I can say that I tried! I actually do have some sound transmission now (previously had a 90+ decibel hearing loss) and will need to do another audiogram in a few months. There was some work done on the external portion so that I may now be able to wear a hearing aid when all is said and done but the doc thinks that he would like to do another surgery which may improve my hearing even more. I was just cleared on friday to return to most of my normal activities: just in time for school, which starts this Monday! Don't know if I'll actually go through with another surgery or not. I'll decide that next summer.
  12. by   70sCat
    Yes, I have encountered difficulties with employers and occasionally co-workers as well. Before I divorced and relocated to a different state, I had a nasty Lupus flare and had to take 6 weeks medical leave. Before that I was working full time. After I returned from leave I primarily worked part-time, but often picked up extra shifts when I felt energetic (lol). Anyway, when I started through the divorce stuff I asked my nurse manager if she would schedule me for full time (now that I was having to pay apartment rent plus 1/2 of the house payment until the house sold) and she refused. She said she couldn't rely on me being able to work full time now since I had to take the 6 week medical leave previously. Because Rapid City, SD really doesn't have much of a nursing shortage, I ultimately had to relocate to a different state in order to work full time.
  13. by   sharona97
    Wishing you well with surgery and recovery.