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I was recently prescribed clonazepam 0.5mg @ bedtime for severe anxiety. I started it over the weekend to measure my reaction. So far I am more relaxed, have more energy, and have an easier time focusing on my work. Am I required... Read More

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    Definitely not! It's so sad that there is a stigma against people with anxiety and depression at your workplace. It's just something that some people have to deal with on a daily basis. Some people just can't cope with it as well as others, I am one of them. I take Buspar twice daily and Xanax prn. It doesn't change who I am, it just helps me work more effectively. I'm sure it's the same way with you. So they don't need to know!
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    I have Panic Disorder, for which I am on a cocktail of medications, and it is thankfully reasonably well controlled. On the last two drug tests I took for pre-employment, I was positive for benzo's and tricyclics at the very least. I got a call from the 'Medical Review Officer'. I gave Walgreens and my Physician written permission to release my info. Then I was hired. BOTH times. Your prescribed medications are between you and HR. Having said that, I ALWAYS disclose that I have panic disorder on the medical form. No one has ever asked me about it, and I have never been turned down for a job when I got past the interview and to the physical. I am fairly sure none of my direct supervisors have even known about my medications or my medical conditions unless I told them.