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  1. forgivenfaith119

    Malpractice Insurance

    Hi, What would be the appropriate way to ask HR through the agency you work with to provide you with written proof you are covered under their Insurance plan? I have my own malpractice insurance but I just want to make sure it is the appropriate coverage. Right now my personal coverage is "workplace insurance" meaning my employer would be primary. Please advise. Thanks
  2. forgivenfaith119

    Disciplinary Action?

    This is insane. 😒 I agree with getting a lawyer.
  3. forgivenfaith119

    IPN issues- 2015

    I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I wish you the best.
  4. forgivenfaith119

    Least stressful nursing specialty

    I do in home case management. Least stressful job I have ever had. No direct nursing care. You get to know your patient and have time to teach and educate about ways to improve their health.
  5. forgivenfaith119

    New grad 6 weeks orientation?

    I think 10-12 weeks is more appropriate for a new graduate nurse. I got almost 12 weeks.
  6. forgivenfaith119

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    It is definitely possible to work during nursing school but it depends on many factors. With the nursing program I was in, it was 40 hours per week with just class and clinical. Then there was homework assignments every night. I was able to work part time but it was extremely difficult.
  7. forgivenfaith119

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    I don't have sickle cell disease but I did want to say I have chronic pain. I can have significant pain but still be calm, talkative, watch TV, etc. I suggest earning CEUs in pain management. I believe this might help your practice greatly.
  8. forgivenfaith119

    Becoming a nurse with scoliosis

    I have scoliosis that is significant and I've been a nurse for 8 years. It is possible to be a nurse as long as you take care of yourself.
  9. forgivenfaith119

    Burned out

    I've been a nurse for 8years. I've done critical care, med surg, hospice and home health. I now do case management which can be enjoyable. I suppose I am just asking for guidance bc I know deep down I'm burned out. It's hard to deal with the family members who have impossible demands no matter how hard you try to help. I care about the patients I help and doing a good job. I know you guys understand being burned out. Someone who has been there please advise.
  10. forgivenfaith119

    New grads and Home Health -placed on Vent Cases

    This is dangerous on so many levels. I would be looking for a different job or ask the agency to put you with a low acuity patient. It's frustrating to hear when agencies or hospitals put new grads in these situations to save money.
  11. forgivenfaith119

    NO call from phone interviewer?

    I remember when I only had just a few years of nursing experience it was difficult for me to get any calls back. Even after interviews. I just kept trying and eventually was able to get a different job. I learned so much from those interviews and interactions with different agencies or hospitals. Just keep trying OP.
  12. forgivenfaith119

    cell phones at work

    This is common in other hospitals.
  13. forgivenfaith119

    I don't mean to complain..

    I felt this way when I did acute care. Leaving the hospital setting was one of the best choices I ever made. Otherwise I believe I would of left the nursing profession all together.
  14. forgivenfaith119

    Help! I look young!

    I've had this problem too. Focus on being the best nurse you can be.
  15. forgivenfaith119

    ?? HH hiring process and shady company?

    Seems really disorganized/lack of communication. If it's already this way and you haven't been hired, I am not sure I would want to work there if I was in your shoes.