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What did you get for Christmas? - page 4

So, tell us - What did you get for Christmas? a tablet? a fruitcake? shoes? a tie? a new computer? jewelry? new car? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    Quote from twinkletoes53
    --On the up side, I got my power back on last night.
    And I continue to thank and pray for the thousands of line men from here and 14 other states, working to restore our utilities.
    Linemen (and linewomen =0)) often get a lot of grief from people without power, but they do a hard and dangerous job. And, like us, are often out working all hours and on holidays. Several men in my family are linemen - thanks for praying for them!
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    A Keurig coffee maker. I'm the only one here who drinks coffee and I'd end up throwing away half a pot more often than not with my full-size coffeepot. Now I can make just what I need, and the grounds won't go stale sitting opened in the cupboard either.
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    I gave for X-mas this year, and it felt good!
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    I pod coffee machine, a computer printer and a poffertie pan.
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    I ended up getting some Miracle by Lancome perfume and some panda stuff (a stuffed one and a clipboard that I use at work now). I also got some really cute socks and a neck massager. I am such a kid and I'm easy to please.

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