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    Arriving 5-10 minutes early is good, although when you live where I do it's so hard to predict travel time due to the vagaries of our freeway system! Check your local traffic website/radio station early and often on the day of the interview. If you get there 30-40 minutes early go grab a cup of coffee (or herb tea if you have the jitters) and use the extra time to get yourself calmed down and confident-appearing.

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    IMO, you should not be more than 15 minutes early because that just comes across as awkward.

    If you're there earlier than that, wait outside (weather conditions permitting), in your car, or anywhere out of the line of sight of the receptionist because then he/she will start feeling awkward too seeing you sit there for 30-45-60 minutes. This is one of those times when keeping a book in your car or bag comes in handy.
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    Super early is an imposition on the people interviewing you as they often have other tasks to take care of. It also makes you look a little bit crazy which is not one of the qualites employers look for in an applicant
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    I arrive about 10-15 minutes early. I come prepared with a current resume printed on professional weight paper. I dress in a business suit and bring one small simple purse and my planner, which contians a BLACK ink pen. I arrive early, as usually there is an official job application to complete before the interview begins.
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    I had an interview recently and the other person arrived 30 minutes early (during my interview). The hiring manager was so annoyed and kept going on and on about "This guy is taking it too far. He's just going to have to wait". Awkward. So yeah, 30 minutes is overkill.

    I have always arrived early and I just wait in my car until about 10 minutes before. Sort of relaxes me to google random things on my phone before I go in.
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    evidently, since i been to several interviews in my nursing career and at present i'm one of several conducting interviews i would say, if you're not familiar where the interview is taking place leave your home 30 minutes earlier. having said that, this allows you time for any accident that you might encounter on the road. moreover, if you get to your destination too early, sit in your car and go over your resume and be prepare to answer any questions that might come up. in addition, take a stroll around the premisses, this will give you a sense of your surroundings and it calms you down. lastly, once in the interview room give your full attention to the interviewer, make sure you don't cross your legs sit-up straight just like your mama' told you. needless to say, regarding your attire, make sure is professional and not your sunday best, wear minimum jewelry and no loud perfume or cologne. wishing all of you that are job hunting the very best in all of your future endeavors....aloha~
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    I always try to be there at least 10 minutes early. I don't want to be there too early. It makes me feel too nervous and self-conscious.
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    Well, I am a early bird but I would think being ten minutes early would be appropriate.
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    all these posts saying the least 15 minutes.
    no absolutely, no 'like'...use good grammar & plain english (do not use the trendy buzz words of today (listen to your interviewer for their cues), dress for the part, turn off your cell). its called tricks of the trade...
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    Ok, I showed upfor my very first RN job interview a day early today I am worried now that they may take this against me. I read all your tips and was so ready to use it this morning. Any advice or suggestions on what I can say to the managers on my actual interview day??? I feel so bad :{

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