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nurses, we've all had rough shift, and i'm sure you can relate. please click the like button if you enjoyed this and feel free to comment below. more nursing cartoons here: about a nurse - nursing cartoon series and... Read More

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    I actually chuckled out loud to myself! I'm glad I have a lot of stamina as a runner! This is why I'm going to get a PhD and teach nursing students when I get older.
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    I did my last nursing shift 4 years ago. Sometimes I've wondered why I've NEVER missed it - this cartoon reminds me.
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    Was taking report the other night. Every patient on the team had just been admitted within the last couple of hours so there were still loose ends that needed tying up. Then, just when assessments and 9 PM meds were finished, and I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I was told I'd be getting another admit... a falls risk, 2-person assist patient who was being treated with lasix every few hours. Ugh...what a night! Except for meds, I wasn't able to get to any other charting until after shift change in the AM. And even though I work on a unit where everyone is very team-spirited, every other RN had a rough team, also, so no one was available to help anyone else. I didn't even take a sip of coffee all night. There was just so much action, there was no need for caffeine!
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    Too funny and too real.
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    I total understand this comic
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    Quote from Liddle Noodnik
    What I remember most - coming in to relieve the previous shift and they proceed to tell you what hell they have gone through - and then they expect you to STAY~ hahaha

    now that is funny!!
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    That was me last Tuesday.
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    I can totally relate to this!!! Lol
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    Last night this was me, l hr. in my shift. Couldn't believe the things I found left for me. But after 8 hrs I got to
    go home, Hallelujah!!

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