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I read a site called notalwaysright.com about how customers are crazy (there are also sister sites notalwaysromantic, notalwaysrelated (dopey family members), and notalwaysworking (nutty employees). This was the "headline... Read More

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    My first thought was simply that this was a nice story about nurses. I even teared up a bit. This is written from the mom's POV, right? I didn't get the impression mom was a nurse so she probably has no idea about boundaries.

    But yeah, telling a kiddo it wouldn't hurt is not a good idea. Giving out personal phone numbers too. However, as a hospice nurse in a small town, we sometimes cross boundaries unintentionally.

    Had a really great inservice a few years ago from a physician who specialized in boundary issues. He gave great examples of times when it is a definite "NO NO!" to times when it would be hurtful to the patient to say no.

    We don't turn down the offer of a cup of coffee and some homemade coffee cake from hurting family members who simply want to have a chance to sit down and talk. I didn't turn down the potted aloe vera plant given to me by the wife of a patient who simply took a cutting off her own plant and put it in a cheap pot. She would have been so hurt if I had said no. I asked him afterward about that and he said I did the right thing. Now, if she'd offered me her family's antique grandfather's clock . .. . .(it happened to him) THAT would be a "NO NO".

    The physician said pay attention to "the hair on the back of your neck" . . . . if something feels wrong, think hard about it.

    Our local hospital's phone system went down last weekend. We called all the hospice families and gave them the manager's cell phone number to call until the system was back up. We're lucky - no one has abused that offer.

    Anyway - I think the point of this thread and the story was about how nurses should rule the world It was a sweet story.
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    Work extension, maybe. Personal cell number? NO WAY IN HADES.
    Sweet story, but no.
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