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  1. by   BluegrassRN
    Who cares if someone thinks nurses ate Herod or not?

    Why does this matter at all?
  2. by   BluegrassRN
    Haha best typo/autocorrect of the thread! I win! Who's your hero now!?!?
  3. by   Miss Lizzie
    Quote from BluegrassRN
    Haha best typo/autocorrect of the thread! I win! Who's your hero now!?!?
    Definitely best autocorrect of the day.
  4. by   mclennan
    I do this work from my heart. Not to earn some title or status as "hero." It's a job. I care for patients and use skills to keep them healthy. If other people want to attach the "hero" label to that, they have the WRONG idea about what nursing is. You don't do this work to win medals, be popular, or be revered. You do it for other people's well-being, and that's IT. If you come into this with any concept of personal gain, you will burn out fast. EMTs, paramedics, military people, firefighters and cops are heroes. I don't go to work in a bulletproof vest, and don't rush into fires, and don't shoot bad guys. Give me a break, I can't stand that "hero" crap.
  5. by   MedChica
    All I ever hear is that the military is the hardest job or police officers. While I don't discredit their hard work and sacrifices in any way, I'd like to see them do my job for 1 day hahahaha. Nobody throws us parades, either.

    They do.
    The military has doctors and nurses...
    Try doing 'your job' while dodging bullets or while bombs are exploding or while you're trying to render aid to other servicemen and yes - NON-AMERICAN CIVILIANS, then we'll talk....
    I mention civilians with good reason,

    some on here act as though we just go overseas like mindless automatons killing people on an 'order'. It's ridiculous. I can't stand these 'outsiders looking in' who throw their opinions around about when they've no idea what being in the military is all about.
    They've never been deployed, never swore to defend, never swore to protect and serve, never ventured into to any of these violent areas, yet they've all the opinions in the world about those who do....
  6. by   veggie530
    I don't buy into any of this "hero" talk. I come from a military family and I even find that to be silly most of the time.

    If a "hero" is someone who dodges bullets while they work then I deserve a medal for chopping wood when my drunk grandpa would start shooting off rounds thinking I was stealing his firewood.

    A hero is decided by perception -- if someone perceives me as a hero, then I am one. It can't be generalized to or against any one profession.
  7. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    I am a nurse and I am hero! Now if you don't like it, bite me...
  8. by   Lynx25
    I do not, and never have bought the "Everyone of XXXXX job is a hero" Not all soldiers are outstanding people, not all police officers are protecting and serving, and certainly all nurses are not angelic heros in scrubs.

    Every job has its risks. Doing your job that you signed on for, and handling the surprises that pop up does not make you special, it just makes you competent enough to earn your paycheck.