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Nurse prepared for a big headache

  1. 24 nurses are always prepared for everything!

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    what is your favorite headache remedy?

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    how about a tylenol the size of a whole salami?! ,,, or how about a steaming cup of herbal mint tea?

    i grow my own herbs, then hang to dry. crumble the spearmint, peppermint, lemonmint, etc. and make an infusion by putting about a tsp. (5 ml) dried leaves in a one cup pot or mug, and pour boiling water over. let steep a few minutes, sweeten, and enjoy! sometimes, i combine the diferent herbs and other times, i don't.
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    Excedrin is AMAZING!!! I know they were recalled a couple of months ago but honestly, headache gone in 30 seconds
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    I always keep a bottle of excedrin and and a bottle of naproxen in my work locker. Excedrin for the headaches and naproxen for everything else that might ache at work.
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    In my nursing bag I have: advil, tylenol, prilosec, pepcid, gas-x, claritin, zyrtec, allegra (yes, all 3), psuedo-fed, so I am fairly well prepared for any allergy, headache or upset tummy! Everyone knows who to go to for any OTC med.
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    i keep in my locker all the above mentioned, plus extra for those fellow nurses that forget theirs
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    Ooh I feel so at home here. I thought I was only one who carried an OTC pharmacy around in my work bag. Everyone makes fun of me until they have a toothache, headache, or tummy ache.
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    lol! lol!
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    Be sure to let coworkers" take" the meds you have. Do not give them to them, in my state that is dispensing meds without a license and is illegal.I just point them out and they have to actually open the bottle and take the meds. can"t be too careful.