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    Quote from Esme12
    I was thinking more along the lines of an airway obstruction.......from shoving it down his throat.
    or a low bowel obstruction from shoving it up his Azz
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    Hahaha. If a boyfriend of mine (or future husband) showed up at my work to ask for advil I'd give him directions to a CVS pharmacy or a walgreens!
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    Call light suppository....without lube.

    Quote from Twinmom06
    or a low bowel obstruction from shoving it up his Azz
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    I think I might just take the beer for a ride out in the country. I am sure my next door neighbor would be my DD so they would not have to go home warm. They could cool my tummy, and I could fight the post work dehydration.
    And if the call bell was not gone by the time I got home it would swim with the fishes and so would the person who intalled it.
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    Too funny. Thanks, a much needed break and laugh.
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    all of the previous post made me lmao
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    My boyfriend and I are both nurses. I'm glad he would know better than to pull this type of move.
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    My husband isn't a nurse, but he still knows better than to pull a stunt like that. LOL He gets front row center seats to my frequent rants about what I'd love to do to the inventor of the call light if I ever got the opportunity.

    I have to brag on my husband; he's a restaurant cook who works 2nd shift. He cooks all afternoon and evening, but on the days that I work, he still comes home and cooks dinner or brings dinner home from the restaurant. He knows that I'll be wiped out after my shift, so he doesn't expect me to do anything after work. Bless his sweet heart, I'm sure the last thing he wants to do is to come home and cook more, but he takes care of me.

    Call bells are even worse at my hospital because we recently installed a phone system that's tied to the call bells. When a pt hits their call light, it calls the RN. Even worse, just answering the call doesn't turn off the call bell; we have to physically go to the room and shut it off there. Of course, 99% of the calls could be handled by the aide. I entertain myself with thoughts of all the ways I could heap torture on the inventor (and buyers lol) of this system if I ever came face to face with them - and could get away with it.
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    I wish these could be copied and shared at work. My coworkers would love your cartoons! This one is hilarious!
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    Please feel free to print them and share them Post them on bulletin boards etc... bathroom stalls.... OK, that may be going a little too far
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