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It finally happened to me.. - page 2

Every day that I drive to and from work I take a particular commuter road I like to call the Redneck Raceway. You can bet there is a daily accident that backs traffic up for miles. Driving on this... Read More

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    This is an inspiring and touching story. It renews your belief in humanity.
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    Good Nurses are good nurses and I think that will always surface whenever and wherever they are!I'm just so glad that I am in the caring profession as I am always given the opportunity to touch people's lives. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and happy that you're okay even after the accident=)
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    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I suffered a concussion from the air bag and whiplash. It is my third concussion is 8 years so you can say I'm a pro at recovery
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    Your story was so touching. :-)

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