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Every day that I drive to and from work I take a particular commuter road I like to call the Redneck Raceway. You can bet there is a daily accident that backs traffic up for miles. Driving on this road is dangerous. I always told... Read More

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    Thanks, you've given me a reason to stop. My nursing skills disappear during a crisis, but I can hug, always.
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    Thank you for sharing your story.

    So glad that you are O.k.

    What an awesome nurse/angel you had to comfort you!

    ~May we all be in tune to those that are suffering~

    Take Care & God Bless!
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    I'm glad you're OK, and yes, how powerful can the 'smallest' things be in certain situations. You just reminded me of one of a great experience I had, which was a 'small' thing too, yet *at the time*, it wasn't small at all. I was about to have surgery, was stressed out, and a wonderful nurse from New Zealand (this was in the US, though) took my hand shortly before the anesthesiologist knocked me out, and she just said 'we're going to take good care of you'. It made all the difference to me.
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    This is an inspiring and touching story. It renews your belief in humanity.
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    Good Nurses are good nurses and I think that will always surface whenever and wherever they are!I'm just so glad that I am in the caring profession as I am always given the opportunity to touch people's lives. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and happy that you're okay even after the accident=)
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    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I suffered a concussion from the air bag and whiplash. It is my third concussion is 8 years so you can say I'm a pro at recovery
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    Your story was so touching. :-)

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~

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