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Germs are everywhere! Are you a germaphobe? Do you go above and beyond the norm to eradicate germs at work or at home? Tell us your story. We all have our days - sometimes we just go crazy... Read More

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    Quote from joanna73
    No. I'm definitely not a germaphobe. I do practise good hand washing at home, my work shoes are just worn at work, and my house is clean....but that's where it ends. I'm not spending my off hours worrying about germs.
    yep this is also how I do things. just to add, I change my clothes before going home and wrap my working clothes and put it in the laundry bag

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    I agree that hospitals technically are cleaner than some places...but not as clean and familiar germs as at home. I honestly disinfect my stethoscope after every patient for their safety, than again before it goes in my bag. But, my shoes only get disinfected when a flash flood of bodily fluids attacks . I've declared the front entrance to be the dirty area of my home, and shoes just are filthy if you think about it. But if you think about it more, our feet are specifically designed to be submerged in the disgusting things the world can hash out for us .
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    I think there's nothing wrong about being and keeping clean..
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    No I'm not a germophobe. If I'm sick, I do encourage tellers to clean their hands after handling my money or clean shopping cart handles after I use them, and I'm more conscious of cleaning my hands more often. It's more to protect other people from me though.

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