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A rough start to the day

  1. 33 i think all nurses have had mornings feeling like this.

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    what gets you going in the mornings?
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    I dread the mornings when I walk in to the unit and there is nobody is sight. No one charting at the desk, no one answering the phones, no residents giving handoff, no one finishing their flowsheets at the tables outside their patient's rooms.

    When there is no one in sight, I know the night was so bad that they are all still super busy at 7am. It pretty much guarantees my morning will be rough too.
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    Or when you walk into ICU, there's not a soul in sight, and both crash carts are outside a single room....that's called, "we went thru everything in the first one, and we're still going..."
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    mama said there be days like these....there be days like these .... my mama said~
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    I dread walking into the ER and only a couple of pts on the board - and the next nearest hospital goes on divert.
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    I walked in one morning, a brand new, SICK baby in the 1st slot, ALS nurse on her way to another delivery, and families milling around in the hallway outside the nursery and L&D. Put my purse down and started working on the sick kid; when the dust finally settled (as the Transport Team drove away w/the sick one) and L&D slowed down, it was 11:30 already. I looked at the mess and said, "All this and NO COFFEEE????" We all just laughed!
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    When the cute little new grad RN intern says, "Wow, it sure is quiet this morning??!!"

    I shreak, and attempt to shush her,. . .Then inevitably, . . .(from ER office). . .Huh?

    She curses us Again!

    "I was just telling XXXXXXX it sure is qu. . .(Me: "Shusssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!). . . What's wrong with. . .?!??
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    So that's what Siri looks like without her AM coffee!!

    Things were so crazy at work Friday (started at 11AM, left at 4AM Saturday) even I had 2 cups coffee.
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    [color=#8b4513]i stop @timmy hoe's on way to work just to prevent missing my java due to crazy days and short staffing!!!