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Nurses, we've all had rough shift, and I'm sure you can relate. Please click the like button if you enjoyed this and feel free to comment below.... Read More

  1. by   amygarside
    Too funny and too real.
  2. by   tiroka03
    I total understand this comic
  3. by   Kashia
    Quote from Liddle Noodnik
    What I remember most - coming in to relieve the previous shift and they proceed to tell you what hell they have gone through - and then they expect you to STAY~ hahaha

    now that is funny!!
  4. by   whichone'spink
    That was me last Tuesday.
  5. by   razzberry
    I can totally relate to this!!! Lol
  6. by   Djnurse30yrs
    Last night this was me, l hr. in my shift. Couldn't believe the things I found left for me. But after 8 hrs I got to
    go home, Hallelujah!!
  7. by   Bat Lady
    When you come in, have a code in the first 30 minutes and spend the night trying to keep that patient (who was brought in essentially dead) alive, and then have a code on a DIFFERENT patient at the end of the shift!

    As my brother the doctor always says, "Jesus is gonna come at shift change, and with our luck we'll be tied up in a code somewhere."
  8. by   judyrn0604
    I'm a hospice nurse. Had a patient become imminent very quickly on Friday. When I left him at 1330, he was very comfortable with a PCA in place. When I returned at 1530, he was groaning with every expiration. Unresponsive. Tried treating it as pain first, but was unsuccessful. PC to MD who said I must be overdosing the patient because I had increased the rate to the top of our parameters. (Very understanding hospice medical director). Turns out it was terminal agitation, needing to be treated with Benadryl supp and Thorazine (meds we don't always use at end of life). Had to wait 1.5 hours for Pharmacy to deliver these meds. Very frustrating as it was a small house and the family was very distressed hearing their dad making these noises. I could tell he was not in pain, but the family just wanted relief from the groaning. Finally, we got him comfortable about 4 hours later and he passed an hour after that. He was still married and his 35 year old daughter had been caring for him, so I know he was busy processing what he was leaving behind. I went home 2.5 hours after my shift ended but didn't want to leave him before he was comfortable. Hospice is always very rewarding, but can be so frustrating when you have to wait for meds to arrive to get someone comfortable.
  9. by   suseliz
    I hardly remember the staff ratio that day, I'm remembering only myself, perhaps an other person. We had maybe 16-18 patients and two staff on a post neurosurgery floor. They look easy in the Kardex (remember those?). But are are unsteady on their feet, can't remember, terrible proprioception, etc. I tried to take care of my patients. I put an obese lady on the bedpan and when she rolled on her back, my arms up to my armpits were stuck, I mean STUCK under her. She was too sick to help me or even understand I was in trouble. I had to yell for help, finally the p.m. Nurse who came early, a God bless her, helped me.
  10. by   Geslina
    Ahhh, that's me every single night. Sad that almost every problem that makes nursing overwhelming could be solved with just a little extra staff.