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Hello. I am new to the site. I am looking for work in the dfw area. I have no restrictions on my license except to work under the supervision of another rn. I do not have any narcotic or shift worked... Read More

  1. by   backtowork
    I was called today by JPS and they want to do a phone interview with me. I am cautiously optimistic because I listed my stips in the online application..nervous as a cat tonight..probably won't sleep..and need to be near the bathroom for IBS.. wish me serenity and strength??
  2. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from backtowork
    wish me serenity and strength??
    I'll be sending you good vibes and hoping that they offer you the job. Good luck with your interview!
  3. by   backtowork
    Thank you Commuter RN..I think I am catching your vibes. My phone interview is tomorrow with HR to go over my stips to see if I can advance to an in person interview with a unit manager. I told my husband I was cautiously optimistic and he said I must be totally optimistic because life is a confidence game...He said you can handle the knocks if they come..go in there and be a winner. He is a good man. I will post tomorrow and good news or bad..I am very grateful to have found all of you. Thank you.:redpinkhe
  4. by   backtowork
    So the call for the positions at JPS I submitted my application for with the very clear notation under "have you ever been disciplined for your license..etc"..and the HR manager never even brought it up..she just reviewed my work history, why I wanted to work at JPS..and then set me up for a face to face interview this coming friday with the unit manager?? I am very grateful but am astounded that she did not question me about my upcoming board order?? I thought HR was the bottle neck to go through...I mean she basically recited my whole nursing experience correctly..but never mention my license. I don't see how she could miss this on my app..or could it be these things are discussed with the unit manager face to face? I had a whole statement prepared regarding my reason for the stips and the history behind it..and practiced it out loud with my husband..I am really confused how this
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from backtowork
    I am really confused how this
    I interviewed with JPS last year. The telephone interview is basically to screen potential applicants. The face-to-face interview with the unit manager is the real meat and potatoes where your stipulations will probably be discussed. It is typically the unit manager who decides whether (s)he is willing to work around your stipulations. Good luck to you!
  6. by   TXRN2
    Best of luck to you- hope you get the job!!!
  7. by   backtowork
    Had my interview for the med-surg units today at JPS..was interviewed by 3 managers at the same time from the different units the manage. Went though the usual standard questions for about 30 minutes..then they said.."u put on your app. you have a pending board order and you will discuss at the please tell us about this" I had a portfolio ready with my resume, explanation of what lead up to this order, letters of recommendation, my last 2 performance reviews, and the pending board order..and proceeded to explain what happened..they commended me for my honesty.. and said they would call me next week for the unit tour and meeting the team. I feel somewhat positive..but am also ready for the rejection..if nothing gave me good practice at reciting my situation. please hope and pray for me...I am doing my best
  8. by   TXRN2
    sounds like you are doing a fine job!!
  9. by   rngaltx
    Any word from JPS? I know Baylor Healthcare System will work with nurses who have stipulations. Have you thought about dialysis? There is a great need for dialysis nurses in the DFW area. Good Luck!!
  10. by   backtowork
    JPS turned me down..oh well, i have that one under my belt now. I will try with Baylor and hope for the best. I did put in an app to Davita dialysis about a month ago, but never heard back. Can you tell me which dialysis company might be the most recovery friendly to apply too? Thank you for your tips rngaltx!!!!
  11. by   traumaRUs
    I work in several Fresenius dialysis units and know they are very recovery-friendly.
  12. by   rngaltx
    Yes Fresenius is VERY recovery friendly. Give them a shot. I went on their site, saw the locations hiring and went in person with resume in hand. Dialysis is a very rewarding area to work in. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!!
  13. by   backtowork
    Hello Allnurses friends in recovery..wanted to post that my situation has drastically changed this past few days. My main focus has been finding a job.. until my 96 year old mother with dementia fell and broke her right hip at the nursing home. I have been so disgusted and embarrassed about my field of choice in the past few days..:grn: from the nursing home through the hospital stay..[FONT="Arial Black"]where are the caring nurses, compassionate doctors, dedicated social workers????? .they were absent during the last 4 days, so I demanded to take my mother home with me on home hospice after her hip replacement 3 days ago.

    The self righteous/self serving ortho surgeon wanted to make sure he pushed her to the point of olympic competition( defensive medicine) and when I said my focus was on her comfort.. not cure for her..he said to me, and I quote.."well I hope you are not TOO disappointed when your mother does not die in 6 months on hospice" I mean..really????. This is a woman who was born in 1915..she lived thru a time when women could't even vote , her first car was a model A..endured 2 world wars, the last one (WWII) my dad was gone for 2 years overseas..the depression..on and on..she was married to my dad for 64 years before he passed 5 years ago. She raised a family on the farm and found time to cook ,clean, wash, grow and can every vegetable and fruit imaginable...and plow..and This surgeon is going to judge me for refusing his aggressive painful care plan when she weighs 85 lbs and has profound osteoporosis and dementia??

    Anyway enough point is that my focus is not at this point finding a job..but rather being the full time caregiver for my mother in my home. I am so fortunate to have a husband who supports this and values family above all else. I have enough morphine and Ativan in my fridge to put down a large horse and thanks to my HP and recovery..I will not make bad choices today. My HP has brought me to this point in my nursing career .I am so so blessed to be her nurse today..and DO IT RIGHT.

    I am going to stay active in this forum because someday I will be back to the job market.. (if I can ever get past my disillusion with healthcare today) but more importantly..because of the cyber strength and resolve ya'll give me. That.. with my friends, family and my real life network will get me day at a time..God bless us.each and everyone. Thank you my friends redbeathe